Achieve Your #HealthyMe Goals With Social Media

David Murray

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Achieve health goals with social media
It’s always refreshing to step away from our electronic screens and step into a run or workout. When you’re not on a fitness kick though, educate yourself with social media tools! There are tons of different ways to update your health regiment through online sources like Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Pinterest boards and mobile applications.
Though there are many to choose from, here are social resources to help fuel any aspect of your journey in health and wellness:
  • @WholeFoods As a precursor to the natural foods revolution, Whole Foods keeps up with food trends that are both cool and healthy. They also provide tips about how to pick produce and what types of food to cook for different people.
  • @Fitbit Fitbit’s approach to total health through the merger of technology and exercise is an important one to note. Their Twitter feed posts consistent health tips aimed to help you reach wellness goals.
  • HealthTap HealthTap’s service uses licensed physicians to help answer health questions, no matter how big or small. Their Facebook page also provides health tips and tricks covering topics from fitness to mental health.
  • Choosing Raw An extension of, Choosing Raw’s Facebook page offers delicious, innovative raw food ideas. Mainly vegan and vegetarian, the page is consistently updated with great recipes to try.
  • Chobani Not only does Chobani’s Pinterest account have tons of great insight for how to use their yogurt healthily, but also ideas for travel, how-to and fitness.
  • Greatist These Pinterest boards are chock full of great workout ideas, kitchen hacks, inspirational phrases and food information. Also, they have a board entitled simply, “Treat Yo’self.” It doesn’t get much better than that.
Mobile Apps
  • Massive Health Massive Health prides itself on being a company merging mobile, data, social media and medical worlds. With advanced technology from Silicon Valley and an innovative partnership with Jawbone, Massive Health is at the forefront of advances in health science and technology.
  • Nike Training Club This free app provides over 100 workouts from Nike trainers in different intervals, beginner, intermediate and advanced. It also lets you target your program to get lean, toned or strong and is available in eight different languages.
And, as always, A Healthier Michigan is also here to help provide health and wellness tips online. Stay connected to our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus pages for ideas about fitness, food, mental health and the great state of Michigan.
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