Are you looking to get your adrenaline flowing while torching a few hundred calories?

David Murray

| 2 min read

rock climbing photo
The Dearborn Recreation Center recently put the A Healthier Michigan team literally between a rock and a hard place. We were able to visit the facility for a workout and tutorial on rock climbing. Not only is this activity great fun, but also an amazing way to exercise.
Rock climbing maintains tons of health benefits. Because climbing requires you to focus on one act only, maneuvering around the rocks, it is considered a meditative process. It forces you to stay present in the moment and contemplate every physical motion.
In addition, rock climbing can also burn up to 550 calories per one hour session. This aerobic activity, combined with the mental rest through meditation, has been proven to strengthen the heart and lungs, increase flexibility, tone muscles and decrease the average risk of developing osteoporosis.
If you take the proper prep courses, rock climbing can also end up being reasonably inexpensive to practice regularly.
But the best news of all? Rock climbing is growing in popularity across Michigan. Several rock climbing centers already exist within the state and many gyms are building rock walls as a part of their fitness equipment. Several universities and fitness centers have adopted climbing walls as a normal means of exercise as well. If you’re interested in going climbing, check out the following facilities around the mitten:
Like traditional sports such as tennis, golf and soccer, rock climbing can become a life-long endeavor. Its fitness benefits are great in any stage of life, but especially for advanced age. Making it a part of your HealthyMe regimen can help keep you agile for years to come.
Want to see a first-hand the view from the wall? Watch the footage below from our climbing session at the Ford Community and Performing Arts and Dearborn Recreation Center.

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