The Pursuit of Healthiness – David’s Six Month Recap

David Murray

| 1 min read

Pursuit of Healthiness David and Grace
Okay. Summer is over. Time to punch back in!
It has been six months since we began the Pursuit of Healthiness and I am happy to share that my state of health has improved significantly. Or at least that is what the numbers tell me. Specifically I have:
  • Lost 42 lbs
  • Gone from a 3,200 calorie a day diet to 1,800 calories a day
  • Increased my intake of lean proteins and heart-healthy fats
  • Cut down on the sugars and bad carbohydrates
  • Dropped two pant sizes
  • Began exercising
So while we took some time off during the summer the next six months will see me going through more of the health gauntlet. I have the eating healthier part down. Now, I need to focus on the exercise part of this program. In the upcoming months you’ll be seeing me partake in many more healthy adventures, including something called “running a 5k.”
Be sure to take a look at our recap video below!

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