15 Must-Try Michigan BBQ Joints

Julie Bitely

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Michigan BBQ
If you’re longing for summer and ribs right off the grill, you’re in luck! Below are 15 of our favorite barbecue restaurants in Michigan. Locally owned and fan-favorites, these gems bring an authentic, savory, saucy experience to every customer. If your mouth isn’t watering by now, we hope it is after finding a BBQ joint you’ll love:
  1. Lockhart’s- Located in the heart of Royal Oak, Lockhart’s is known for blending the warmth of Southern barbecue with Midwest and Detroit flair. Several Michigan beers on tap and lots of sauce and side combinations also bring flavor to the popular locale.
  1. Bad Brad’s-Bad Brad’s has many locations around Metro-Detroit and a major fanbase. They offer many gluten-free options and slightly varied menus at each location for a unique experience each time you visit.
  1. Memphis Smokehouse- Smoked pork, custom burgers, and southern-style sides all bring BBQ charm to this Grand Rapids staple.
  1. R.U.B Pub- Just blocks from Comerica Park and the theater district in Detroit and centrally located in Ann Arbor, R.U.B Pub is known for real urban barbecue. R.U.B Pub has many BBQ staples (pulled pork, steak and pulled chicken, just to name a few) in addition to several unique sauce options.
  1. U.S. 31-Solid barbecue staples in a nostalgic atmosphere make this little locale a Muskegon classic.
  1. Slow’s- We’d be remiss to not mention one of the most acclaimed barbecue joints around. Modern updates to a historic Detroit space and killer mac and cheese make Slow’s one of the best. This spring, a Grand Rapids location will emerge in the city’s Downtown Market as well.
  1. Hog Wild- Cited as one of the best barbecue joints in West Michigan, Hog Wild of Holland is known for their ribs, hand-pulled pork and fast casual atmosphere.
  1. FooJay- This Kalamazoo classic has become known for their affordable barbecue. Rib tips and special sauces also make the place unique.
  1. Hab’s Good Eats ‘n Treats- Muskegon’s award-winning restaurant has BBQ abound, but also has a full menu of pizzas, pitas and other food for pickier eaters.
  1. Union Woodshop-Said to be backed by Detroit native Kid Rock, Union Woodshop is self-acclaimed as “big-time, small town BBQ.” Cooking up spare ribs, back ribs, brisket and more, this place’s extensive menu has it all.
  1. Hogzilla- Hogzilla has locations in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. Unique smoked-meat grinders and plentiful portions make this place a popular favorite.
  1. Redsmoke – Located in the heart of Greektown, Redsmoke embodies classic barbecue with a modern twist. You can even smell the wood burning stoves as you wait for your meal to arrive.
  1. Meat- A relative newcomer to the Michigan BBQ scene located in Lansing, Meat presents carnivorous entrees, “meatwiches” and a french fry bar.
  1. Mat’s Cafe- Comfort food in a modern, cafe setting makes this Jackson gem cozy and delectable.
  1. Satchel’s – An Ann Arbor favorite, Satchel’s is known far and wide for their chicken, pork, brisket and ribs. Be sure to dine in for picnic style set up.
Did your favorite place make the list? Tell us about it in the comments below!
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