Chicken Pad Thai

Dr. Angela Seabright
Alyssa Hadrych

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chicken pad thai
Homemade Pad Thai may sound awfully complicated, but I promise that it’s not as bad as it seems, plus making it from scratch is a great way to cut back on calories and add extra nutrients.
This recipe is packed full of protein from the chicken, eggs and peanut butter – it’ll definitely keep you full for awhile. Broccoli and cabbage are cruciferous vegetables, meaning they are rich with cancer-fighting phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Both are especially rich with Vitamins A and C, omega-3, Vitamin B-6 and folic acid. The mix of flavors in the sauce kick boring, old vegetables up a notch.
The flavors in the pad Thai get even better after sitting overnight. Take your leftovers to work with you the next day for lunch or leave it as an easy snack or lunch for your kids to warm up. This is one of my favorite recipes, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
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Photo credit: Mark Guim via Flickr

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