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I am a recent graduate from Michigan State University pursuing a master’s degree in public relations at MSU. I have a passion for fitness, outdoor activities and especially love cooking. I believe that a healthy mind comes from a healthy body.
Food and Recipes

National Safety Month: Tips for Proper Food Storage and Foodborne Illness Prevention

Every year in the U.S. foodborne illness causes approximately 48 million afflictions and 3,000 deaths. Proper food storage is key to avoid becoming a victim.

proper fridge storage

Tips for Prescription Safety, Storage and Disposal

60 percent of Americans take a prescription drug, so it is important to know how to safely consume, store and dispose of them.

bottle of blue and white pills spilling out of a prescription bottle
Food and Recipes

Grilled Avocado Stuffed with Strawberry-Mango-Feta Salsa and Honey-Balsamic Glaze

The mangos, strawberries, feta and the honey-balsamic glaze truly make this dish a summertime staple and an excellent pairing for grilled chicken or fish.

grilled avocado
Food and Recipes

Chicken Pad Thai

Homemade Pad Thai is a great way to cut back on calories and add in extra nutrients. This recipe is packed full of protein and cruciferous vegetables.

chicken pad thai
Food and Recipes

Brilliant Banana Bread

A recipe twist on banana bread that uses vegetables and healthy baking substitutes that won’t break your diet. It’s so delicious, even your kids will love it.

Food and Recipes

How to Keep Your Frozen Yogurt Guilt-Free

Frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to ice cream, but toppings and flavors can add extra calories and sugar. Learn how to keep your sweet treat guilt-free.

Guilt free frozen yogurt

National Safety Month: Distracted Driving is Dangerous Driving

Distracted drivers cause more than eight deaths and 1,150 injuries each day in the U.S. Read on for a breakdown of what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.

Dangers of distracted driving
Food and Recipes

Keep Your Summertime Barbeque Fare Healthy with These Alternatives

Summer means backyard barbeques and tables full of high-calorie dishes. But a few minor substitutions can make your barbeque delicious and nutritious.

BBQ chicken on the grill
Food and Recipes

Turkey Bacon Egg White Muffin Cups

These muffin cups are the easiest way to start your day with a healthy breakfast – perfect for those who need to grab-and-go in the morning.

turkey bacon egg white muffins
Home and Family

Learn How to Handle a Medical Emergency Like a Pro

Medical emergencies happen every day and can take place without notice. Handling an emergency can be difficult, but these steps can help walk you through it.

how to handle medical emergencies

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