Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is committed to improving children’s health and well-being. Over the last 19 years, Blue Cross has provided over $10 million to support kids’ health and wellness initiatives across the state through the groundbreaking Building Healthy Communities program. The grants have helped more than 1,200 Michigan schools reach 538,000 children with sustainable programs focused on the importance of daily activity and healthy food choices.

Snack Swaps: Help Kids Eat Healthy All Summer

Lack of structure in the summer can lead to mindless snacking. Try these swaps to help kids eat right this summer.

Snail and Worm Snacks

Adults aren’t the only ones who get stressed out

It’s tempting to romanticize childhood as a time where the biggest concerns are who to sit with in the cafeteria, what your summer plans are, and what to spend your allowance on. Reality during childhood can often be a lot different than the ideal.


Recognizing and Managing Learning Disabilities in Students

Hear from Dr. Amy McKenzie on how to recognize and cope with students who are struggling with a learning disability.

Mother and daughter working homework together

Mindful Parenting: Celebrating Inchstones

We're used to celebrating our children's big milestone moments. But it can be valuable for both the parent and the child to celebrate the smaller triumphs, too.


Signs of Feeding and Eating Disorders in Children

Feeding and eating disorders are considered mental health disorders and medical illnesses. Understanding the types, signs and symptoms is important, regardless of an individual’s age and gender. 


Leading Causes of Cavities in Children

Limiting certain foods and teaching dental hygiene habits at a young age can lead to a lifetime of healthy behaviors while preventing cavities in the process. 


Michigan Bucket List: Biggest Sledding Hills in Michigan

If you love sledding, you’re in the right place. Here’s our list of favorite sledding hills across Michigan.


Sledding Hill Safety Tips

The thrill of whooshing down a sledding hill is fun for all ages. But sledding comes with risks, too.


How to Help Your Child Make Healthy Eating Choices at School

How can you help kids make healthy choices when they buy lunch? It’s important to educate children on nutrition and how to make healthy decisions on their own.


Winter Break Activities in West Michigan

Step into a warm-water splash zone, join a museum mini camp, or skate away through a lighted forest trail. Winter Break activities are all about adventure. 


4 Tips to Handle Halloween Candy in a Healthy Way 

The average kid is likely going to consume between 3,500 and 7,000 calories from candy on Halloween. This is the equivalent of up to three cups of sugar. -- and can be hard for kids to brush off of their teeth. Here are some tips to navigate the sugar rush of Halloween, and how to keep kids' teeth clean and healthy.


Brain Foods for Studying and Exams

The brain is a highly active organ that requires a healthy supply of energy and micronutrients to function at its best.


What is Malnutrition?

Malnutrition doesn’t just mean undernutrition, when you’re not eating enough nutrient-rich food. It can also mean overnutrition.


Healthy Out-of-the-lunch-box Ideas for Kids

Different food groups provide vital nutrients to fuel a child’s day. Here’s how to get at least three of the five groups into your child’s lunch.


5 Fun and Creative Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Cooking

Want to sharpen your child’s cooking skills early? These easy, creative tips can make for a fun family experience in the kitchen.

A Muslim mom and daughter have fun baking together in their kitchen.

Is It Healthier Than a Cookie? Granola Bars Carry Hidden Sugars 

Is reaching for a granola bar a healthier choice than a couple cookies? Here’s how reading a label can help.

Cookies vs granola bars

Shark Week-friendly TV Snacks

Enhance your Shark Week viewing routine with these nutritious themed snacks.

Shark Week Snacks

How to Keep Kids Healthy During Summer Sports Practice 

Summertime can be a busy season for kids and sports. Here’s a few tips to keep active kids healthy.

Girls soccer teams practice together

A Week of Healthy, Easy School Lunches

Need inspiration for balanced school lunches? These easy options have all the nutrients kids need and some take just a few minutes to make.

A parent chops vegetables for their child's school lunch.

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Preschooler Healthy

Keeping your preschooler healthy can be difficult. Check out these simple reminders to help strengthen their immune system and teach healthy habits.

Preschoolers interacting in class

A Parent’s Guide to Dietary Discussions

Knowing how to talk to a child about their health is key to empowering them to make smart choices. Here are tips on how to start a dialogue.

mom and daughter swinging

Fight Childhood Obesity with Go, Glow and Grow Foods

The typical American diet favors convenience foods over health. The “go, glow and grow foods” concept can help kids make healthier choices.

Image of two boys in a wagon, eating a strawberry and peach.

Healthy Halloween Snacks to Make with Your Kids

Want to take some of your kids’ focus off of candy? Try these fun Halloween-themed snacks, all built around fruit.

Halloween fruit snacks

How a ‘Mascot Mindfulness’ Series is Connecting Kids to Healthy Tips   

Mascots for the Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons are featured in these short segments aimed at helping kids learn about mindfulness and meditation.


Helping Children Get Acquainted with a New School

A new school can be a hard transition for children, tweens and teens to navigate. Read up on ways to help your child build confidence this school year.

Little girl smiling on her first day of school

7 Healthy Lunch Options for Kids

Here are 7 healthy lunch options to incorporate more nutrition into the school day for busy families.

healthy school lunches for kids

Strawberry Picking in Michigan: Why You Should Go & Tips For When You Do

Fresh Michigan strawberries are a wonderful summer treat, especially when you pick them yourself!

Man picking strawberries in farm

Back-to-School: Backpack Health

As kids bring more and more home in their backpacks, make sure their backs stay healthy and strong by following these guidelines.

Mother making school lunch to her children.

How to Get Kids Excited About Brushing their Teeth

There are plenty of ways to make kids look forward to brushing their teeth and even start to see it as fun! Here are a few techniques to get you there.

Cropped shot of a young man and his son brushing their teeth in the bathroom at home

Slow Cooker Butter Chicken with Veggies

Let your kids help with prepping this yummy butter chicken recipe. When they have some control over the veggies you use, they might be more willing to try them.

Butter chicken

How to Prepare Kids for a Different Kind of Holiday

Holidays will be different for many families this year. Helping children understand why and picking new ways to make them festive will make the difference.

Family on Christmas shopping during Covid-19 pandemic

How to Work STEM/STEAM Lessons in at Home Using Household Items

You can encourage your children to do STEM/STEAM projects with things already in your kitchen, pantry and bathroom cupboards.

Mixed race young Asian children building tower with spaghetti and marshmallow learning remotely at home, STEM science, homeschooling education, Social distancing, isolation concept

5 Healthy Desserts Your Kids Will Actually Love

A sweet or savory treat can be healthy with the right recipe. Check out a few of our favorite lighter-but-still-delicious treats.

Banana slices covered with chocolate and nuts

Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home

Health officials recommend we don’t trick-or-treat in the traditional way, but there are some safer alternatives.

Girls loving this kind of exercises

Helping Kids Understand Portion Sizes

Teach your child proper portion sizes with these fun tips and recipes!

fun family mealtime

Cooking with Kids: Apple, Turkey and Cheese Pockets

Get children in the kitchen with this easy recipe. Young kids ages four to six can make this on their own for a quick bite to eat.

Apple, Turkey and Cheese Pockets

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month: Keep Your Kids Healthy This School Year

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month falls within back-to-school season. Here’s how Michigan parents can keep their kids healthy and active all year long.

Active family dancing in the living room

Coping Tips for Starting School with Uncertainty

Back-to-school is very different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you're struggling with the uncertainty, these coping tips might help.

Student attending classes virtually

Protect Our National Parks

As the National Parks System celebrates it’s centennial, it’s important for visitors to know a few rules when visiting them.

Dune grass at Sleeping Bear Dunes

Three Ways to Keep Kids Active Into Their Teens

Follow these tips to keep kids active in the age of technology.

Father and son playing basketball

Celebrate Kids Eat Right Month

August is Kids Eat Right Month, founded by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to emphasize ways to help kids eat right and be more active.

Mom and daughter in the kitchen

Fun Ways to Boost Summer Learning

Make summer schooling fun with these tips to help your child continue their education on vacation.

Small boy looking at butterfly through magnifying glass

A Guide to Summer’s Poisonous Plants

A guide to help identify poisonous plants around Michigan and what to do if you or a family member has been affected.

Sign with poison ivy plants around

In Praise of #GirlDads and Empowering Father Figures

A salute to all the dads and father figures raising strong, confident girls.

Dad and daughter standup paddleboarding

4 Bike Safety Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Follow these four simple tips to keep your little ones safe this bike riding season.

dad teaching daughter how to ride a bike

Blast from the Past: Old Throwback Games

A blast from the past that includes old school games that we all use to play outside during the summer and at recess.

Girl playing hopscotch and two kids cheering her on

Virtual Ways to Help your Kids Go Green on Earth Day

Earth Day, which happens April 22, is the perfect time to educate your little ones about respecting nature and keeping our environment healthy.

Dad and son on a nature walk

Distance Learning Tips from Michigan Teachers

Trying to navigate working from home and teaching your kids at the same time? These veteran Michigan teachers have tips and resources.

Boy on a video chat with his class

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