4 Bike Safety Tips to Keep Kids Safe

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dad teaching daughter how to ride a bike
Summertime means kids on bikes, but before you let your little riders take a spin, make sure they’re ready to hit the bike path safely.
1. Wear a helmet – every time. Kids might think they’re dorky, but they’re absolutely essential for safety. Proper fit is very important. Use the 2-2-2 rule to help kids and parents remember how to check if their helmet is sitting where it should be.
  • Two fingers above the eyebrows: The helmet should sit just above the eyebrows, with space for two fingers to fit between the top of the eyebrow and bottom of the helmet.
  • Two letter Vs: The side helmet straps should fit snugly under the ears without a lot of space. When properly secured, it should look like two v shapes, one under each ear.
  • Two fingers under the chin: When the strap is buckled, you shouldn’t be able to fit more than two fingers under the chin strap.
Ultimately, the helmet should be secure enough that kids are able to dance vigorously without it moving around.
2. Dress appropriately from head to toe. In addition to always wearing a helmet, riders should choose their clothing with care. Ideally, tops should be a bright color so it’s easier for drivers and other riders to see kids coming or up ahead. Avoid wide-leg pants or skirts that could get stuck in a bike chain and make sure to wear shoes that cover your toes. It’s summer, but that doesn’t make riding in bare feet or flip flops okay.
3. Dress your bike. Bikes should be decked out with reflectors and lights for riding at dawn or dusk.
4. Ride on the right side. For kids, the sidewalk or bike path is the safest place to be. When that’s not an option, ride on the right side of the road, going with traffic. Use proper hand signals when turning.
Younger riders should always be accompanied by an adult. Make sure you’re setting a good example for your kids by following the same safety rules when you ride as a family.
Happy trails!
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