Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

What Do Signs and Symptoms of PTSD Look Like?

Trauma is an event or series of events that threaten your sense of safety or your life.

Behavioral Health

Tips for Coping with Social Anxiety

15 million Americans struggle with social anxiety disorder specifically, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. This can be an obstacle to regular life and comfort, with most adults with social anxiety reporting moderate impairment from their symptoms or anxiety.

Behavioral Health

Does Ginger Beer Have Alcohol?

Most commercially available and mass marketed ginger beers are simply ginger drinks or fermented ginger drinks without alcohol. Ginger beers that contain alcohol are labeled as alcoholic ginger beers.

Behavioral Health

How Long Does It Take the Body to Recover from Drinking

The long-term effects of alcohol use do not go away as soon as you stop drinking or alter your drinking habits. Some noticeable changes and markers of recovery may show up as soon as days or weeks after beginning abstinence from alcohol.

Behavioral Health

Why Tanning Beds Don’t Help with Seasonal Depression

Thinking about popping into a tanning bed to ward off the winter blues? Not so fast.

Behavioral Health

Get Outside in Nature This Winter: Why It’s Good for Your Mental Health 

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should stay cooped up inside. A little outside time can lead to big health benefits.

Father with three kids running in beautiful winter forest. The little girl is aged 10 and her brothers are aged 7. Cold winter day
Behavioral Health

‘Alcohol is Not Your Friend:’ BCBSM Medical Director of Behavioral Health Digs into His Passion for Advocating Against Alcohol Abuse

Dr. William T. Beecroft has advocated against alcohol abuse for much of his 40-plus-year health care career. Here, he reflects and shares some candid thoughts.

Behavioral Health

8 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts

The holidays are as stressful as they are joyous. When it comes to shopping, traveling, decorating and family time, here are ways to mitigate the stress.

5 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts  
Behavioral Health

Metropolitan Bar + Kitchen Owner Proves You Don't Have to Drink to Run a Successful Bar

Seven years ago, Ashley Price decided to stop drinking. Now the owner of a popular bar in Detroit's West Village, Price is proving you don’t have to drink alcohol to run a successful bar.

Behavioral Health

More or Less Non-Alcoholic Store Brings Inclusivity to Grand Rapids Consumers

Whether you don't drink any alcohol or you want to go N/A for a certain upcoming occasion, More or Less in Grand Rapids has something for you. The store's owners built their brand with inclusivity in mind, and it's working.

Behavioral Health

Dry Bars are Rare in Michigan. But There’s One Inside This Oak Park Coffeehouse.  

For Oak Park and Berkley locals, Oak Park Dry is quickly becoming a go-to spot for great music, great coffee and great N/A mixed drinks.

Oak Park Dry is part coffeehouse, part dry bar and part music venue.
Behavioral Health

Jackson’s Zero Bar & Lounge Brings the Party to Michigan Events and Celebrations Without Alcohol 

One had the dream, one had the drinks: the woman-owned Zero Bar & Lounge adds to the growing list of alcohol-free social options in Michigan.

Jackson’s Zero Bar & Lounge owners pose for a photo in front of their new mobile bar.
Behavioral Health

What Does it Feel Like to Have a Panic Attack?

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake shares her experience with panic attacks, and talks about the strategies that help her manage them.

Monica Drake panic attack
Behavioral Health

Summer Solstice Meditation 

A Summer Solstice meditation session might be just the thing to get your mind and body in sync for summer.

Young Woman Meditating By Peaceful Sea
Behavioral Health

Men's Health Month: Men Have Body Image Issues Too

Men worry about their appearance more than you think. Learn how to improve body image and get rid of negative thoughts once and for all.

An Overweight man at a gym
Behavioral Health

Absence of Proof Detroit Appeals to Detroit’s Sober Curious Crowd with Non-Alcoholic Events 

Absence of Proof offers “a night off of drinking.” The NYC-based company is now in Detroit with pop-up hangout options for the sober curious.

Behavioral Health

How Resiliency Impacts Your Overall Health 

Being resilient is about more than just your attitude. How well you handle the rollercoaster of life impacts your health.

Close up sunset portrait of attractive woman with closed eyes and sun in back light. Dreaming and enjoying feeling concept lifestyle emotion. Serene female people outdoor with curly hair
Behavioral Health

Benefits of Spa Treatments for Stress Awareness Month

Relaxation is key to combating high stress levels. Spa treatments are a great way to reduce stress levels and achieve a level of relaxation.

A couple enjoys a spa day.
Behavioral Health

Sober Curious Series: Spotlighting Michigan Dry Bars, Businesses and Social Networks  

In 2023, AHM will dig deeper into Michigan’s sober curious movement. Dry bars, alcohol-free pop-ups, N/A products and mocktail menus are all on tap.

Young adults toast to a good meal while eating outdoors at a restaurant and drinking mocktails.
Behavioral Health

Managing Remote Work Stress 

Stress can creep up on all of us, especially if we’re juggling working from home. Here’s how to better manage remote work stress.

Woman at home office is walking on under desk treadmill
Behavioral Health

What Does Sober Curious Mean? 

If you’re thinking about cutting back on alcohol, the Sober Curious lifestyle could be for you.

Young couple drinking non-alcoholic drinks
Behavioral Health

Mindfulness-Based Techniques to Calm Kids’ Anxiety 

About 7% of U.S. children between age 3 and 17 have diagnosed anxiety. Rates are rising, but mindfulness-based coping techniques can help.

Woman meditating with her daughter
Behavioral Health

Vitamin D May Help Prevent Dementia 

Results from a new study that tracked thousands of people in the U.S. show regular vitamin D use may help prevent dementia.

Home caregiver helping a senior woman standing in the bedroom
Behavioral Health

Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Feeling down or like you’re having too many bad days? Here are a few things you can do to improve your mental health.

Smiling Young Woman Sitting on the Couch in her Living Room and Writing a Journal
Behavioral Health

Forming a Healthy Relationship with Food: West Michigan Dietitian Discusses Keys to Conquer an Eating Disorder

Finding “food freedom” should be a goal for anyone battling an eating disorder, according to an experienced dietician from West Michigan.

Young woman speaks with a counselor.
Behavioral Health

The Moment I Decided to Stop Being a Victim

Licensed therapist, NASM master trainer and integrative health expert Angela T. Moore shares her personal journey through trauma.

Angela Moore
Behavioral Health

Disordered Eating vs. Feeding and Eating Disorders: Signs to Watch For 

Learning the different types of eating disorders, as well as the signs of an eating problem, can help as a first step. Here’s what you need to know.

Caucasian woman has a problem with bulimic and sitting at the couch at home
Behavioral Health

Best Exercises to Fight Off Anxiety and Depression

Are anxiety and depression putting a damper on your mood? Think about retooling your exercise routine to give yourself a feel-good boost.

Overweight woman has done New Year resolution for weight loss in new year. Obese hiker walking on forest trail in winter cold weather. Nordic walking in Czech National Park Sumava.
Behavioral Health

Why You Should Try Self-Care Sunday 

Setting aside an hour, a half-day or more to focus on activities that make you feel good, mentally and physically, is a trend worth trying.

Happy couple doing facial mask.
Behavioral Health

Postpartum Depression: When to Seek Help 

When it’s not the “baby blues,” certain symptoms following childbirth could be postpartum depression. Here’s how to tell the difference.

In doctor's waiting room, mother kisses baby's hand
Behavioral Health

Mental Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that helps you stay healthy both mentally and physically.

Woman walking outdoors in the sun to get vitamin D for mental health
Behavioral Health

The Family Center of Michigan Helps Parents and Caregivers Find Resources  

The Family Center offers information and connections to community-based resources for families of children with special health care needs.

Girl Being Pushed in a Wheelchair
Behavioral Health

The Science of Music and Mental Health: How to Put Together a Well-Being Playlist

Carefully and intentionally selecting and using your music can help you practice mindfulness and feel more in control of your feelings.

Woman exercising and listening to music
Behavioral Health

Health Benefits of Smiling

Smiling makes you feel better, science shows. Not feeling like grinning? Fake it until you feel better, doctors say.

portrait Asian Chinese down syndrome young man looking at camera smiling in living room
Behavioral Health

How Food Can Boost Your Mental Health  

What you eat can improve your mood and your overall brain health.

An Asian Chinese housewife having bonding time with her daughter in kitchen preparing food
Behavioral Health

Why Binge Drinking Even Once a Week is Bad 

If you make a habit out of binge drinking, you could expose yourself to these specific short and long-term health problems.

A woman drinks a glass of wine while looking at a smart device.
Behavioral Health

Trauma is Like a Sucker Punch to the Kidneys

Contributor Angela Moore shares a story of how she was sucker punched while kickboxing — and how it reminds her of how trauma impacts the body and mind.

Angela Moore poses in front of a boxing ring
Behavioral Health

How Horror Films Helped Me with My Anxiety

Contributor Monica Drake writes about how scary movies — along with mental health treatment — have helped counteract her anxiety.

Monica Drake and her fiance dressed up for Halloween
Behavioral Health

Does Scream Therapy Really Work? 

Whether you’re giving a rebel yell or participating in a group scream-in, what will scream therapy really do for your body?

Cheerful female candidate celebrating getting a job on an interview in the office.
Behavioral Health

How a ‘Mascot Mindfulness’ Series is Connecting Kids to Healthy Tips   

Mascots for the Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons are featured in these short segments aimed at helping kids learn about mindfulness and meditation.

Behavioral Health

Simple Tips for Getting Your Kids Reading Ready for School 

If you feel like your kids were in the “summer slump” when it came to reading, here are tips to get them on track this school year.

Father in wheelchair reading story to daughter
Behavioral Health

5 Ways I Learned to Prioritize My Mental Health in College  

I am currently a college senior and I have only recently learned how to prioritize my mental health.

Behavioral Health

Crisis Lifelines Make a Difference to Someone Considering Suicide

Contributor Monica Drake writes about how crisis lifelines can help someone experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Woman sits alone with her cell phone
Behavioral Health

Why Sharing Your Grief is Good for Your Mental Health 

Elizabeth Sanders says sharing her grief in essays proved cathartic as she mourned the loss of her husband’s death at 34. It also helped her find love again.

Woman Speaking At Support Group Meeting For Mental Health Or Dependency Issues In Community Space
Behavioral Health

Virtual Reality for Mental Health and Anxiety  

Virtual reality exposure therapy helps you face your fears in a safe, no-stakes environment. Here’s what to know about this relatively new treatment method:

Virtual reality exposure therapy helps you face your fears in a safe, no-stakes environment. Here's what to know about this relatively new treatment method:
Behavioral Health

Signs of Depression in People Over 50 

Knowing the signs and types of depression can help older adults get the treatment they need to feel better.

Depression is a medical condition - sometimes arising out of changing physical and mental abilities. It’s not something to be ashamed of or hide from family or your doctor.
Behavioral Health

Angela T. Moore: Heal From a Place of Health, Not Hurt!

Angela Moore reflects on her journey to healing and how she overcame using her past as an excuse.

Woman sitting on the beach looking at the sunset
Behavioral Health

Feel Summertime Sadness? You’re Not Alone

Do you find yourself feeling blue during the summer? You may have summer seasonal mood disorder. Here are the signs and what you can do about it.

One young woman sitting alone on edge of footbridge and staring at lake and cloudy sky in summer day. Thinking about life. Spending time alone in nature. Peaceful atmosphere. Back view.
Behavioral Health

Why It’s Normal to be Exhausted at the End of the Day 

Brain fatigue is real. It’s also a form of mental self-preservation after hours spent doing a lot of concentrating.

Tired woman in public transportation
Behavioral Health

Hangover Anxiety: What to Know About ‘Hangxiety’ 

Thirst, a pounding headache and sensitivity to bright light are all signs of a hangover. Anxiety can be, too.

Young man suffering from a hangover at home
Behavioral Health

Self-Soothing Techniques to Stay Productive and Balanced

Chavonn Hussey writes about the self-soothing techniques that she has found have helped her maintain balance with work, life and mental health.

Chavonn Hussey
Behavioral Health

Anti-Anxiety Back to School Kit

For many kids, social anxiety is a large stressor when going back to school. Combat those uneasy feelings by creating an anti-anxiety back to school kit.

Teenage boy playing with a popper on the couch
Behavioral Health

Monica Drake: Check in on Your Child’s Mental Health

Contributor Monica Drake writes about why it's so important to check in your child's mental health — and to get them help if they need it.

Man walks with his teenage son to talk about mental health
Behavioral Health

Nine Habits You Need to Adopt For Improved Mental Health

Your habits should help breed a healthier, smarter, and ultimately, happier you. Here are nine habits to work into your life to boost your mental health.

Woman sleeping to help her mental health
Behavioral Health

Youth Suicide Rates In LGBTQ+ Community Decrease Since Legalization of Gay Marriage

Contributor Monica Drake shares a personal story from a friend who came out as gay; and how the legalization of gay marriage affected his outlook.

Two men stare at each other lovingly during their wedding ceremony
Behavioral Health

How Does Trauma Impact the Body?  

Acute, chronic and complex trauma can have damaging effects on the body if not treated. Therapy, lifestyle changes and a few other options can help.

The effects of trauma on the body vary from person to person, but treatment methods are available.   
Behavioral Health

What is Tapping? How is it Beneficial for Pain and Anxiety?

Related to acupressure, tapping is a way to create a mind-body connection to lower your stress level.

Female theropist carrying out tapping session with a senior client at home
Behavioral Health

How Mental Health Care Changed My Life

Monica Drake, writer and mental health advocate, shares her mental health journey. “You are not alone in this. Millions of others, including me, are with you.”

Monica Drake
Behavioral Health

How to Break the Cycle of Chronic Stress 

Preventing and managing long-term stress can lower the risk for serious health conditions.

She's got a serious case of the Monday blues
Behavioral Health

Understanding Binge Eating Disorders

Binge eating disorder is the most pervasive eating disorder in this country, yet most of it still remains hidden behind closed doors.

Large man with binge eating disorder eating junk food in living room
Behavioral Health

Why Random Acts of Kindness are Good for You 

There’s a reason taking part in random acts of kindness makes us feel better, and why it’s good for us to do more of them.

COVİD-19:Daughter giving flowers to her mother
Behavioral Health

Your Daily Guide to Practicing Self-Care

Self-care means engaging in little actions to improve your physical health and happiness. Here’s how to get started.

man walking down steps in the woods
Behavioral Health

5 Tips for Making Resolutions Stick

New Year’s Day is the most popular time to kick off resolutions, but most don’t last. Find out how you can make yours a success.

Funny portrait of a young black curvy woman during a training session
Behavioral Health

Self-Care Tips During the Holidays

Setting aside time to do good things for yourself is the gift that keeps giving all season long.

Teenage girl packing Christmas gifts in a car after shopping. She wears a protective mask to protect from corona virus COVID-19.
Behavioral Health

Navigating Grief and Anxiety While Supporting Others Through Trauma 

There’s no right or wrong way to react when exposed to a traumatic event. It may be difficult to put a name to our own feelings. And we may even feel completely numb – even in the face of extreme tragedy. Coping with our reactions is important, and is the first step to healing.

Sad woman sitting on dark home corridor floor.
Behavioral Health

Help! I Feel Sad During the Holidays 

While the holiday season is often a time for celebration and family gatherings, for many the holiday season is a time of sadness and despair.

Feeling alone and abandoned during christmas holiday
Behavioral Health

How to Help Your Friends be Less Negative

Friends who are constantly negative can drain your energy and influence your mood. But there are approaches you can take to provide all parties with relief.

How to Help Your Friends be Less Negative
Behavioral Health

How to Talk to Your Boss About Taking a Mental Health Day 

More companies are joining the conversation about mental wellness. So how do you talk to your boss about taking a mental health day?

A Muslim female adult is selling insurance policy to Chinese lady in the office.
Behavioral Health

How to Support Someone Suffering from Invisible Pain 

Someone may look good, but not feel well. Here are ways to support people who struggle with invisible pain.

Asian women are sitting hugging their knees in bed. Feeling sad, disappointed in love In the dark bedroom and sunlight from the window through the blinds.Vintage tone.
Behavioral Health

Why Fishing Works as Meditation 

From the graceful arc of a cast to the slow drag of a line through water, here is why fishing as meditation might be your next stress-buster.

Father and son on a camping trip fishing by a lake
Behavioral Health

Why Birdwatching Brings More Happiness Than Money 

Award-winning photographer Steve Jessmore found there’s truth in a new study that concluded that birdwatching brings more happiness than money.

Stretching its wings
Behavioral Health

How to Support Someone in Recovery 

Letting people know you’re ready to help them is often the first step in supporting someone who is in recovery from substance abuse.

Young woman shows support in therapy session
Behavioral Health

How to Reconnect with Family, Friends Once You’re Vaccinated 

COVID-19 vaccinations have signaled the return of social freedom for many. Here are tips to safely reconnect with family and friends once you’re vaccinated.

Asian malay smiling hijap female having fun with her classmate in college classroom
Behavioral Health

How Getting Organized Affects Your Mental and Physical Health 

Feel like your life is a whirlwind? Organization and your health are related.

Woman in mid 20s helping 7 year old son unpack cardboard boxes and plastic containers as they organize their new apartment.
Behavioral Health

Tips for Managing Stress When You’re at College

If you are heading off to college, read these tips about prioritizing your physical and mental health while away.

Disabled college student sitting at outdoor desk
Behavioral Health

A New Approach to Dealing with Chronic Pain

Treating chronic pain shouldn't just focus on physical causes. You also need to look at psychological and social issues.

Rearview shot of a young woman suffering with back pain while working from home
Behavioral Health

Mental Health Tips for Your Inner Athlete 

You don’t have to be an Olympic star to see that your mental health can affect your sport. Here are some tips for your inner athlete.

hands of girl in gymnast grips before performing on horizontal bar
Behavioral Health

How to Ease into an Office Routine in a Hybrid Workplace 

Many employees have gone from offices to working remotely, and someday be back again. We have tips for easing into a hybrid office workplace.

Corporate meeting and group work in company. African american woman manager in protective mask holding tablet, talking to workers keeping social distance
Behavioral Health

4 Ways Grief Can Impact Your Mental and Physical Health 

From depression to heartburn, there are lots of ways grieving a loss can impact your mental and physical health.

Woman mourning, wearing black and holding flowers, someone puts a hand on her to console
Behavioral Health

Ways to Help Your Kids Transition Back to School for In-Person Learning

After virtual classes, video lessons and hybrid learning, here’s how to help kids transition to in-person learning.

A Black mother and son sit at a desk doing schoolwork and smiling.
Behavioral Health

Pandemic, Pet’s Death Opens Floodgate of Emotional Pain 

Grief from losing his dog tapped into pain LGBTQ+ activist Tommy Allen had experienced for decades. Exacerbated by the pandemic, this trauma led to depression.

Tommy Allen
Behavioral Health

Parents: It’s OK To Take Time for Yourself

Neglecting self-care can have serious effects on both your health and your ability to be a good parent. Here’s how to put yourself first sometimes.

African young woman lying on sofa drinking coffee and reading an interesting book at home
Behavioral Health

A Simple Tool for Giving Mental Health First Aid

Learn how to help people in your life experiencing mental health problems.

A young woman is talking with a female friend about her problem in a cafe. The friend is supportive and understanding.
Behavioral Health

Modeling Healthy Stress Responses to Your Children 

If you routinely feel stressed out, the way you react and respond to stressors can either help or hurt the way your children process their own emotions.

Teen son talking to his dad
Behavioral Health

Why Too Much Time on Social Media Can Hurt Teens’ Mental Health

Teens text, share photos and scroll endlessly. But too much time on social media may be harmful to your children’s mental health.

Two teenage boys sitting at a kitchen island while eating snacks. They are both looking at their phones while using social media.
Behavioral Health

Tips for Discussing Mental Health with Children and Teens

While starting a conversation about mental health with children and teens might seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be.

Son talking to his mom
Behavioral Health

A Guide to National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Learn why and where to dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs this Drug Take Back Day.

Senior man looking at prescription drugs
Behavioral Health

How to Spot Warning Signs of Stress, Anxiety in Children 

Kids are facing new challenges, just like the rest of us. So, it’s important to be aware of how they may be affected. Here are tips to spot the warning signs.

Father consoles anxious kindergartener while they wear masks as he's dropping him off for first day of school,
Behavioral Health

4 Steps to Take Your Stress Level Down

Stress can be sneaky. You may not even realize it’s rising until you feel overwhelmed.

Stay at home father feeling stressed while baby sitting and trying to work while his small daughter is using his laptop.
Behavioral Health

Why Alternatives to Alcohol Are So Popular Right Now   

From non-alcoholic craft beers to flavored coffee lattes, people are finding lots of tasty reasons to leave alcohol behind.

Friends drinking spritz at cocktail bar with face masks - New normal friendship concept with happy people having fun together toasting drinks at restaurant - Bright filter with focus on left woman
Behavioral Health

How Stress Does a Number on Your Mind and Body 

Feeling stressed? Here’s what it’s doing to your physical and mental health.

Tired woman feeling neck pain after computer work at home
Behavioral Health

Why It’s Important to Talk About Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, yet we approach them in very different ways.

Middle-aged man sits on a couch talking to a woman therapist who is holding a clipboard.
Behavioral Health

Customize Nutritional Needs with Creative Cultural Cuisine

Many factors influence food choices, so there is no one-size-fits-all eating plan. Trying dishes from different cultures is one way to meet one’s dietary needs.

A group of adult friends and family of Indian ethnicity sit a table with a spread of delicious traditional food. A high angle view from overhead of the food, plates, and dishes at the dining table. Shot in Bellevue, Washington, United States.
Behavioral Health

When Kids Cut: Understanding Self-Harm 

Why do kids harm themselves? In many cases, it's a way to assert control during stressful circumstances. Find out signs to watch for and how to get help.

Mom comforting daughter
Behavioral Health

Building Children’s Self-Esteem to Last a Lifetime

How to develop a healthy self-worth and self-esteem in children that will lead to better mental health as an adult.

Shot of a father dancing with his little daughter at home
Behavioral Health

Why Valentine’s Day Is Good for Your Mental Health 

Positive relationships have big health benefits. Here’s how you can use the holiday to celebrate friends and loved ones.

Mother and young daughter making greeting cards for Valentine's Day
Behavioral Health

Guide to a Great Galentine’s Day

This February, don't forget to celebrate the women who make your life great, too.

Three women posing for a picture with heart glasses on
Behavioral Health

ADHD Diagnosis Provided Freedom, Answers for Michigan Woman  

As a child, Betsy Thompson didn't fit the mold for kids with ADHD. It was years later as an adult that she sought help and discovered she had the condition.

Betsy Thompson
Behavioral Health

Fiscal Fitness: Simple Steps for Improving Financial Health

When people think about their health, they often consider physical and mental well-being, but an important third component is financial well-being.

Black young woman hugging her pink piggy bank
Behavioral Health

Does the Winter Gloom Make You SAD? Here’s How to Treat it

Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a type of depression that is believed to be triggered by changes in the amount of daylight during certain seasons.

Light therapy is a common treatment for a variety of conditions, from auto-immune disorders like psoriasis and eczema, to wound healing, to depression and seasonal affective disorder, to circadian rhythm sleep disorders

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