Slow Cooker Peach and Bourbon Bonanza Baked Beans

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Baked Beans with a Peach Slice on a Table
This recipe requires little prep and can cook all day for you to enjoy as a vegetarian meal or side dish when you get home from a busy day. It’s also a great dish to pass at parties or barbecues.
You’ll enjoy the sweet and savory flavors in this dish, which also provides plenty of health benefits thanks to a wide variety of ingredients.
Peaches are low in calories and offer natural sweetness, while containing vitamins A and C, which keep skin healthy. Garlic allows for healthy blood circulation and contains antioxidants to support the heart and immune system. Cannellini beans are known for their ability to prevent cancer and regulate blood sugar levels. Pinto beans and black beans add protein and fiber to this dish, while kidney beans contain iron, giving your body energy throughout the day.
Prepare this meal in the morning and enjoy when you have a busy night. Check out this video to see how easy cooking this recipe can be:

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