Non-Dairy Recipe Roundup

Dr. Angela Seabright
Haley Galindo

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dairy free recipe round up
Finding non-dairy products can be frustrating, but nowadays it is much easier to find healthy substitutes. For example, many grocery stores now carry almond or coconut-based products, such as yogurt, milk, cheese and more.
If you are sensitive to dairy and choose not to eat it because it upsets your stomach, it is important to make sure you are still getting a good source of calcium. There are foods that are rich in calcium, including almonds, beans, broccoli, chia seeds, collard greens, kale, poppy seeds, rice milk and soy milk. Most of the recipes below contain one or more of these ingredients to ensure you are eating a healthy amount of calcium.
Going dairy-free can be difficult, especially if you love dairy, but it is possible. The following are some recipe options to try. Check out our Food category for more recipe options that you might be able to alter and enjoy without dairy.
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