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how to use michigan cherries
Did you know, Traverse City, Mich. holds the nickname of Cherry Capital of the World? According to the Michigan Agriculture Council, the mitten state ranks No. 1 for production of tart cherries in the nation.
Cherries are delicious and also very beneficial for health. In Michigan, cherries are in season from June through August. If you’ve stocked up on this fresh, sweet fruit this summer, here are a few recipes to help you make the most of them before they’re gone!
Cherry Coconut Smoothie
This healthy, low calorie, (115 calories to be exact) cherry coconut smoothie is a perfect summer drink and only requires three ingredients. It’s packed with fruity and tropical flavors that make it totally refreshing. Get the recipe from Taste and Tell here.
Cherry Limeade
This recipe is another healthy drink packed with fresh flavors. Serve this instead of traditional lemonade at your next cookout to wow your guests. Get the recipe from the Lean Green Bean here.
Cherry Cheesecake
This delicious no-bake cherry treat uses low-fat cream cheese and Greek yogurt for filling. Just make sure you have enough cherries for the topping — this recipe calls for four cups! Get the scoop from EatingWell.com.
Cherry Barbecue Sauce
Looking to get creative with your barbecue sauce this summer? Look no further. Reviews from this unique cherry sauce suggest people love it on top of ribs, chicken and more. Get the recipe from Taste of Home.
Sweet and Spicy Cherry Salad
Lunchtime just got even better with this summer salad. It’s tossed with fresh cherries, jalapeños and garlic. This low-calorie meal is a great way to spice up your side dishes. Get the cherry salad recipe from Skinny Ms here.
Honey Cherry Pie
You can’t go wrong with classic cherry pie. But, what about a healthier version with a bit of honey? Cinnamon and nutmeg bring out the flavors of the cherries. Ge the recipe from Taste of Home.
Cherry Crisp
Cherry crisp is a shortcut version to the traditional cherry pie. This simple dessert bakes in 30 minutes and is jam packed with delicious fresh cherries. Check out this popular cherry crisp recipe from Food.com user LilPinkieJ.
After selecting which recipe you’ll use, take a visit to your local farmers market to pick up some fresh Michigan cherries and get started on your new dish.
How do you use your Michigan cherries? Let us know your favorite recipe by leaving a comment below.
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