Foods To Help You Sleep: Halibut Packet with Mushrooms, Asparagus and Polenta

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foods to help you sleep
The foods we eat can have an effect on how hard or easy it is for us to fall or stay asleep. If you’re looking for a slumber-inducing dinner, try this delicious recipe for a savory baked halibut packet. It is a quick and easy dinner to serve before spring forward, so the whole family sleeps well.
Halibut is filled with vitamin B6, which helps with the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body that helps you sleep better.
The recipe also features polenta, which is a healthy carbohydrate and high-fiber food source. Healthy carbs are better, but any time they are consumed, blood sugar naturally increases and gives the side effect of sleepiness.
Asparagus can also help with sleep because it is known to help regulate mood and tame anxiety due to its folate content.
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