Cherry, Coconut, Carob Chip Crumble Bars

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Cherry, Coconut, Carob Chip Crumble Bars
Crumble topped desserts sure are delicious, but they aren’t the healthiest for you. This gluten-free recipe attempts to make crumble bars healthier by replacing white sugar with a brown sugar, honey combination and chocolate chips with carob chips. If you aren’t familiar with carob, it is very similar to cocoa. Both grow on trees, are harvested and then ground into a fine powder that is used to make chocolate. Carob chips are full of antioxidants and calcium, and do not contain caffeine like regular cocoa chips. The unique blend of cherry, coconut and carob really takes this recipe to the next level. Stop by your local farmers market and snag some fresh cherries while they are in season!
Photo Credit: Helen Carlisle, A Healthier Michigan

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