Losing Weight, Loving Family, Living Life: Dr. Laura Hutchison’s Transformation

Dr. Angela Seabright
Becky Harris

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Find motivation to exercise
Dr. Laura Hutchison can understand the challenges many of us face when trying to lose weight. Low energy, fear of ridicule at the gym, lack of time to exercise: all of these factors can make the weight loss journey a difficult one. However, Dr. Hutchison says despite the challenges, she had a constant motivation pushing her to improve her health every day: her children.
As a fully licensed psychologist and registered play therapist, Dr. Hutchison works with children every day at her job. She is also the mother of two young children, Henry and Honor. She blogs about being a therapist and a mom and knows better than almost anyone else the importance of being a good role model for your children’s health habits.
This is exactly why she decided to join the VIP Fitness program in Clarkston, Mich. Since starting the program in January, Dr. Hutchison has completed four six-week challenges and has lost a total of 71 pounds.
Her program included:
  • Healthy eating (diet plan made by the owner and dietitian, Jerry Lockwood)
  • Hard core boot camp workouts with fitness trainers
  • Access to a physical therapist
  • 24/7 private Facebook group for support
“This program is like a family, with everyone working towards the same goal.” Dr. Hutchison said. “I’ve received awesome support to help maintain my motivation. They really did a great job of creating the program to tackle all the factors that are essential for making a lifestyle change.”
Dr. Hutchison says she’s experienced benefits other than just weight loss since beginning her journey as well. Some of the most notable benefits she’s experienced have been more energy, loss of heartburn and indigestion, and improved self-confidence.
Her favorite benefit has been receiving compliments from her kids, who will say things like, “Mom, you look like a teenager,” and “You’re so much easier to hug now. My arms go all the way around you.”
But Dr. Hutchison says her journey has only just begun.
“One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that I’m most definitely going to mess up, make bad choices, skip a workout…but then I just need to continue. Each day is a gift because we have the chance to make the right choices. So now I don’t give up…I give myself a pep talk and get back to it.”
Photo Credit: Emily Carlin (main) Dr. Hutchison – VIP Fitness (before/after).
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