Hiking in Mid-Michigan: Where to Go

Julie Bitely

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Think you have to go “up north” to get an authentic Michigan hiking experience? You’ll be surprised by the diversity of sites to explore in mid-Michigan.
Whether you’re looking for a riverfront experience, big rocks or more of an urban adventure, there’s plenty to discover in the middle of the Mitten state.
  • Anderson Park Trail: Enjoy river views on this 3.9-mile loop near Lansing, which accommodates kids and furry family members.
  • Battle Creek Linear Park: Unique plants, animals and cultural points of interest can be found along this 26-mile paved pathway.
  • East West Pathway: This 4.1-mile trail located in Sharp Park near Lansing provides plenty of natural beauty to behold and is a great place to spot wildlife.
  • Falling Waters Trail: Built on an old railroad bed, this 10.5-mile linear park connects Sumit, Spring Arbor and Concord townships in Jackson County.
  • Wildlife along the Lansing River Trail. Lansing River Trail: Explore over 20 miles of paved trail, which passes through urban and natural areas. Photo credit: David Shane
  • The Ledges: This out-and-back trail near Grand Ledge features beautiful rock formations, which also host local rock climbers. Photo credit: LadyDragonflyCC
  • Midland City Forest Trail: Whether you’re a beginning or advanced hiker, Midland’s City Forest offers a variety of scenic paths to choose that will accommodate all skill levels.
  • Portland Riverwalk: There’s plenty of trail to explore here, about 15 miles to be exact. Get to know Portland’s downtown and pass by the Grand and Looking Glass rivers as well as natural features, parks and bridges.
  • The wildlife refuge is home to many animal Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge: Two main trail systems offer wonderful views of historic landmarks, forests and wetlands. This is a great place to look for unique birds and native animals. Photo credit: USFWSmidwest
For more hiking tips, check out the following episode of A Healthier Michigan Podcast. Host Chuck Gaidica is joined by Dan Muncey, onsite well-being coordinator at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Paul Yauk, trail coordinator for the State of Michigan to discuss the best local parks.

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Photo credit (featured image): LadyDragonflyCC

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