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Has your child expressed interest in becoming a doctor or nurse? Read on to learn more about the educational oasis that is Wayne State University, and its wealth of resources that can help your young scholar and future doc realize that dream.
The first step in fostering a dream as huge as being a medical professional is identifying traits and aptitudes in your child that can make him or her a good fit for the role. Don Neal is program grant director for C2 Pipeline, a mentorship program for youth that prepares students for higher education and career readiness in health science, social work, pharmaceutical careers, and other science math and technology-driven fields. He identifies the following traits as important for kids interested in these areas:
  • Nurturing & compassionate personality
  • An internal drive for diversity
  • Interest in helping people
  • Strong interest in science and math
  • Likes to learn and explore
  • Interest in childhood to play roles such as “doctor” or “nurse”
  • Technical skills
  • Ability to use both hands with ease (ambidexterity)
Neal also adds that involving your children (and your entire family) in volunteering and extracurricular activities that support science and health education, such as Wayne Go Girls, is an excellent way to stir up an interest and reinforce professional healthcare aspirations.
The more preparation they receive, the better the chances of successfully completing medical training at the Wayne State University Kado Family Clinical Skills Center. The center is a unique hub of resources and support systems for WSU medical students that provides the expertise of clinical professionals, state-of-the-art technology and research-based education. A benchmark for the center is to enhance patient safety with training initiatives and performance assessments for students.
It is never to early to plant seeds that will bear the fruit of success for your children. By connecting kids with community resources like those available at the WSU School of Medicine, you can help cultivate their interests and shape the future of their world and ours.
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