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Basic Summer Survival Guide

Stay cool and safe this season by following these summer survival tips.

Little girl at edge of pool

How to Stay Safe While Traveling this Summer

Before hitting the road or booking a flight, learn how to stay safe during your next trip.

Grandparents with granddaughters walking to the check in at the airport, They all travelling together on holidays.
Food and Recipes

The Difference Between Food Poisoning and the Stomach Flu

Don't let hot weather and poor storage ruin your next meal. Here's how to reduce the risk of food poisoning and stomach viruses.

Woman Feeling Sick While Eating Bad Food in a Restaurant

Blue Cross’ A Healthier Michigan Podcast Named “Best Podcast” by PR Daily

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's A Healthier Michigan Podcast wins top honor.

A Healthier Michigan Podcast with Chuck Gaidica wins Best Podcast

Have No Fear: The Men’s Health Cheat Sheet is Here

Ready to take control of your health? Here’s a quick list of men’s health screenings that should be on your radar.

Man playing basketball with his family

7 Weight Substitutions for Your Resistance Workouts

No weights? No problem. Here are seven weight substitutions that deliver an effective workout at home.

2 women training at home

Miss Shopping? How to Upcycle Items in Your Home

Looking for a craft project to keep busy? Here's how upcycling can turn old household items into new treasures.

Woman painting plank in garage

6 Low-Impact Workouts for Seniors

Many seniors may find exercise intimidating or even painful. Here are six low-impact workouts to help them break a sweat, safely.

A senior Asian couple in the park on a sunny day, exercising together. They are powerwalking or jogging with dumbbells in their hands.
Food and Recipes

5 Ways to Make Takeout Food Healthier

Takeout food can be a source of comfort and convenience. Here are five ways to ensure your next order's both healthy and delicious!

Woman eating takeout food

5 Ways to Socially Connect with People You Can’t See in Person

Long distance living can be tough. Here are five ways to stay connected during times of isolation.

Mother and her daughters are making video call
Food and Recipes

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive. Here are eight budget-friendly foods to add to your grocery list.

Shot of a young couple looking at a list while shopping in a grocery store
Home and Family

Be Prepared: 7 Tips to Beat the Back-to-School Rush

What's the best way to prepare for back-to-school? By starting early. Here are 7 tips on how to manage classes, meals and children's extracurricular activities.

Young mom and daughter packing backpack for the school

How to Avoid a Midlife Metabolism Slump

As people age, they may experience a gradual decline in their metabolism. Here are some tips on how to keep that internal furnace burning.

Smiling senior couple jogging in the park

The Connection Between Seasonal Affective Disorder and ADHD

People with ADHD have a higher chance of developing Seasonal Affective Disorder. Learn how individuals can lower their risk and treat symptoms.

Thoughtful man looking out the window

Different Ways Stress Can Affect Men

Men are less likely to address mental health issues like stress and depression. This can lead to more serious conditions affecting them and their families.

Man sitting at table stressed over bills

Guide to Michigan Memorial Day Parades

Do you have plans this Memorial Day Weekend? Stop by one of the many parades and celebrations happening all over Michigan.

Father and son at parade holding an American flag

Where to Go for National Kids to Parks Day

What are you doing Saturday, May 18? Teach your little one to embrace the great outdoors with National Kids to Parks Day.

Family hiking together through a park with their pet dog.

On Your Mark: Michigan’s Best May Road Races

Ready to hit the ground running? Whether you’re a veteran or beginner, an adult or child, there’s a road race for everyone.

Marathon running race in the light of evening

Spring vs. Fall Allergies: What’s the Difference?

Seasonal allergies can be an overwhelming force. But what are they and where do they come from?

Woman sneezing due to seasonal allergies

Spring Into Better Health With These Life-Changing Tips

Spring is a perfect time for new beginnings. Here's how to revamp your mind and body to become the best version of yourself.

Woman exercising outdoors on a sunny day

Breaking Down Traumatic Brain Injuries

Have you ever experienced a traumatic brain injury? From mild to severe, here’s a breakdown of the most common TBIs.

Doctor check up x-ray film of the brain by mri or ct scan brain at patient room hospital.

10 Health Conditions Caused by Eating Disorders

An eating disorder can destroy the body from the inside out. Here are 10 health conditions caused by this dangerous illness.

Shot of unhealthy young woman with stomachache leaning on the bed at home.

A Detroit Connection: When Frederick Douglass Met John Brown

Detroit has been a stomping ground for some of the most influential figures in American history, including abolitionists Frederick Douglass and John Brown.

Image of the site in Detroit where abolitionist Frederick Douglass met John Brown.

How to Talk to Someone About Their Eating Disorder

Do you suspect a loved one is dealing with an eating disorder? Here’s how to approach such a sensitive topic.

Shy girl at group therapy

How Early is Too Early for Braces?

Children are getting braces at a much younger age. Let’s weight the pros and cons of this recent trend.

Blonde girl visiting a dentist

How to Incorporate Exercise in the Classroom

Want kids to embrace healthier habits? Encourage them to get moving with these classroom activities.

Kids in kindergarden doing exercises with their teacher

Hitting the Slopes: 6 Michigan Ski Retreats and Tours

Make the most out of Michigan winter and head for the snowy hills. Check out the season’s best ski retreats and tours.

Mother with kids are skiing together down the ski slope. Everybody is laughing happily.

6 Exercises for People with Limited Mobility

Looking for a great workout? Here are 6 exercises that both challenge and accommodate people with limited mobility.

Senior couple stretching.

Yoga vs. Pilates: What’s the Difference?

Are yoga and Pilates the same? Despite the similarities, there are key differences between these wildly popular workouts.

A group of women working out in a pilates class

Michigan’s Biggest Winter Car Shows

The future is now. Get a sneak peek at the auto industry's newest designs at Michigan's biggest winter car shows.

Floor dislplay for Ford Motors at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit

Michigan Snow Day Survival Guide

Don’t be caught off guard by an unexpected snow day. Brace yourself for the worst the season has to offer by winterizing your home.

family sitting by the window

How to Create Healthy Eating and Workout Habits

Habits are learned actions that occur automatically with little to no effort. Here's how to adopt new healthy behaviors and make them stick.

Couple cooking healthy food

Post-workout Bloating, Explained

Post-workout bloat is a real condition that can leave you swollen and uncomfortable. Discover its many triggers and the best way to avoid them.

Chubby woman hand holding her own belly fat

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