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No Gym Membership? No Problem! 5 Exercises That Don’t Cost You a Dime

Exercising outdoors is healthier and cheaper than being indoors in a gym.

kids playing on the beach

Just the Winter Blues or Something More Serious?

Despite all its benefits, Daylight Saving Time does throw everyone off a little. However, the extra hour still isn’t enough to combat the exhaustion some of us…

Food and Recipes

Are Health Food Trends Actually Healthy?

Its no secret that in recent years many Americans have been on a health kick. Supermarket shelves have been been stocked with organic produce and foods adorned…


Study Shows That Being Married Might Be Bad For Your Health

A recent UK poll has shown that spouses are much less likely to exercise than divorcees or those who lead the single life. The results are pretty staggering…


Love Potion No. 9: Is Lovesickness For Real?

With Sweetest Day having just passed on Oct. 15, you may be basking in the glow of a romantic dinner or a quiet night spent at home with the object of your…

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Beat the Fall Weather With These Toasty, Healthy Chili Recipes

Fall can be a very beautiful season, but it can also be a cold one. What better way to keep warm than a big bowl of hearty chili? We thought it fitting to…

Food and Recipes

Storing Your Produce: Better Safe Than Sorry

Are you looking for safe ways to store produce? Check this out!

Produce storage
Home and Family

Small Ways to Ensure Your Kids Eat a Healthier Lunch at School

Making school lunches can be tough. Here's some simple ways to keep it healthy.

Children Helping Mother To Make School Lunches In Kitchen At Home
Home and Family

Vacation on One Tank of Gas: Ideas for People on a Budget

Money is tight for many people these days, and I think college students are hit hard by this problem. I mean, you've all heard that Ramen noodles comprise the…

road trip
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#WellnessWeds: Want to Be on the Fast-Track to Weight Loss? A Recent Study Shows How

It’s not exactly a weight-loss secret that you need to eat smaller portions in order to lose those extra pounds. But a recent study at Harvard University has…

Weight Loss
Food and Recipes

Living Gluten-Free? Find Healthy Restaurants, Bakeries and More

Whether you’ve been dealing with a gluten allergy all your life, or are new to the issue, finding restaurants and food markets that are sensitive to your…

Gluten Free Pizza

A Taste of Michigan: Your Comprehensive Guide to Wineries in the Mitten

Michigan is known for its Great Lakes, but something not many people know is that those Great Lakes produce the perfect environment for grape-growing.


Is Weight Ratio Between Men and Women a Key to Marital Bliss?

No matter what people may want you to believe, we do pick our future spouse based to some degree on their looks. So it makes sense that the weight of your…


Enjoy the Summer Surf and Sand at these Michigan Beaches

Michigan has beautiful beaches to visit and many that are probably close to home!

lake michigan

Clinic’s Integrated Health Approach Helps Detroit’s Underserved Residents

Southwest Solutions, a coalition of Detroit nonprofits, has partnered up with Covenant Community Care and a handful of other organizations to open 5716 Wellness…


Back and Neck Pain: What You Can Do to Stop It

It’s not a far stretch of the truth to say that almost everyone, at some point in their lives, has experienced back or neck pain. According to a recent article…

Food and Recipes

Dirty Dozen: Solving the Pesticide Problem

If you’re like me, you were unpleasantly surprised to read that some of your favorite fruits and vegetables have made the Dirty Dozen list.

Washing Produce
Food and Recipes

8 Summer Snacks that Can Stand the Heat

Nothing ruins your summer day faster than soggy, running fruits, or spoiled cheese and crackers. I bet I’m not the only one that’s been there: you put your time…

Mixed Nuts
Food and Recipes

A Skinnier You: the Trick to Eating 5 Smaller, Healthier Meals

Everyone who knows me always comments on how I am constantly eating, and yet I never seem to gain weight. I’ve had plenty of people ask me what my secret is: is…

Crackers and Grapes

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