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Is sitting more deadly than smoking?

Want to know the secret to living longer? It isn’t found in a special pill, it isn’t obtained by starving on the newest diet, and you certainly don’t need to…


Your Fitness Questions Answered: 3 ways to improve running form and prevent injury

Running is a great aerobic exercise that can help you shed extra weight in no time, no matter what format of run you choose. And the age-old saying, “no pain…

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7 ways to rev up your metabolism

If you think of your body as a car, the engine would be your metabolism. Our metabolisms are used to burn fuel to produce energy we need for everyday living.


Can computers make you go blind?

According to the health experts at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, screen time should be limited to less than 2 hours per day.


Don’t look back but you might need these 4 exercises

So often we go to the gym to “spot treat” the areas of our body that need improvement. Our stomach is too big, our arms are too flabby or our muscles are just…


Your Fitness Questions Answered: The 5 best exercises for your daily routine

Every week, readers send in, leave comments on A Healthier Michigan’s Facebook page or tweet their fitness questions. Thank you for the many questions!


Your Fitness Questions Answered: Burning off that cookie you just ate

My good friend turned roommate has a mother with a special skill. She has the power to instantly make mouths water. Whenever ears caught wind that a special…


Your Fitness Questions Answered: Best exercises for cankles

Question: What are the best exercises to do to reduce my cankles? The slang term cankle refers to a combination of the calf and ankle to describe what many…


Burn calories and lose weight faster using intervals

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends we get 150 minutes of exercise per week to improve your health both aerobically and anaerobically.


Feeling sore is not a workout requirement

We have all felt it. The great feeling of getting a solid lift in, running extra far or performing exceptionally well during our exercise routine.


Your fitness questions answered: How will I meet new people?

We all have those times in our lives when we are forced to change or adapt to the things life throws at us. For my recently graduated friends and I…


Are you man enough? Typical women’s exercises that men should do

I’ve sat through enough physiology and anatomy classes in college to know there are many differences between men and women. The most popular one to joke about…


Your fitness questions answered: Cardio or resistance first?

I’ve brought up a few times previously that my friend, Sam, has persuaded me to run in a half marathon with him later this summer. I have never been a big…


Flabby Arms No More: 2 exercises that are guaranteed to tone your arms

Whenever I walk through the doors of my local gym I guarantee I will see huge muscle guy. I''m sure you know who I am talking about. He is that huge guy in the…

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Eat Cake, Lose Weight?

Most diets fail because of food. They prevent us from enjoying certain foods, they make us eat the bland ones or force us to keep a mental tally of our food…

two tea glasses
Food and Recipes

The perfect combination: Summer and Iced Tea

I am always adding or substituting things to tweak my home recipes from standard to unique. As many of my roommates, friends and family know, I let this get in…


Keep track of your fitness goals with these three apps

In college, I had a required assignment which included recording everything we ate, drank and all activity (walking, sitting, etc) we did for a week.

Adults grilling kabobs
Food and Recipes

National BBQ Month + Grill = Kabobs!

May is National BBQ Month and we have the perfect kabobs for your next grilling dinner.

boys playing frisbee on a beach

The Ultimate Workout

Ultimate Frisbee has gained popularity in recent years and offers a fun way to get outside.

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