Your fitness questions answered: How will I meet new people?

Jason Weslosky

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We all have those times in our lives when we are forced to change or adapt to the things life throws at us. For my recently graduated friends and I, the end of college means we must turn the page and begin a new chapter in our lives. Some of my friends are continuing their education while others are finding jobs. Regardless of what paths they might choose, the common theme among all is everyone is moving to new cities, states or even countries. For example, my close friend and former roommate Mike recently accepted a job offer in the bustling city of Chicago.
I speak to him often and it seems like moving away from home for good comes with a lot of concerns. New questions pop up every day regarding simple things we never think of. Where will I grocery shop? What type of transportation will I need to have? How will my new job be? One of the biggest questions he has is, “how will I meet new people?” Mike has always been in very good shape and loves to be competitively involved with sports. So when I heard of his biggest concern, I had to give some advice.
How about join a CrossFit gym?
We don’t have a CrossFit gym in our city. Mike had no idea what I was talking about. My college frisbee coach was very involved with a CrossFit gym. Because of him, our team workouts included a few CrossFit exercises and he spent time promoting this new workout to us. In essence, CrossFit is:

High Intensity:

These workouts require you to complete as many repetitions within a certain amount of time. Because of this, your heart rate is increased providing you with both a resistance and cardio workout. This combination contributes to weight loss results in a much shorter time than traditional workouts.

Highly Variable:

No two CrossFit workouts are the same. Each class combines different exercises to keep your body guessing, working all muscles of the body. Workouts combine exercises like sprints, jumps or lifting with objects such as tires, barbells or kettlebells.

Highly Social:

For Mike, CrossFit might provide something that other gym memberships don’t, social interaction. CrossFit is performed in groups or classes of people. CrossFit members gather for classes consisting of a warm up, skill learning, exercise and stretching. Typically classes are around an hour long and by the end, everyone is feeling sore together, leaning on each other to stay upright. In addition, classes of CrossFit-ers often team up to support each other with dieting changes to go along with their workouts.
While life changes may leave us unsure of life in an unfamiliar place, CrossFit is a great option to help newcomers get their bearings in a new city while staying healthy and exercising. Reebok has begun a new campaign for the “sport of fitness” which highlights CrossFit.
Check out this video for more information.
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