Emily Martinez

If there’s a new fitness trend or place to be explored you’ll find me there, I’m adventurous by nature and enjoy sharing my experiences with others. I will always consider myself a “runner in progress” as I enjoy training for trail and road races. When I’m not out running you can find me snuggled up with my cat and watching a movie.

A Guide to Summer’s Poisonous Plants

A guide to help identify poisonous plants around Michigan and what to do if you or a family member has been affected.

Sign with poison ivy plants around
Home and Family

Blast from the Past: Old Throwback Games

A blast from the past that includes old school games that we all use to play outside during the summer and at recess.

Girl playing hopscotch and two kids cheering her on

The Differences Between Allergy and COVID-19 Symptoms

Considering the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus, how do you know if what you’re feeling is a result of the seasons changing or the onset of COVID-19?


Exercises You Can Do Outdoors While Under a ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ Order

Miss the gym? There are still lots of ways to get exercise right now and all of them are guaranteed to give you a mood boost and health benefits.

Man walking his dog
Home and Family

How Receiving Health Care Through Your Pregnancy Can Help You Avoid Complications

Every year around 700 women die from complications around pregnancy and that risk triples if you are an African American, American Indian or Alaska Native woman.

Mother and Baby

Get Ready to Run: How I Prepared for a Half Marathon

Running is hard, it doesn’t matter if you’re new at it or a pro. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your next race.

Running Tips Detroit Free Press Half Marathon

Get Active With Your Michigan Big Green Gym

Michigan is full of amazing parks and trails. Get outside and get active with these ways to enjoy the parks:

MI Big Green Gym

Finding Comfort at the Yoga Shelter

Yoga has no mold. Find out how you can add it you your existing plan no matter your size, shape, or age:

Finding comfort at the Yoga Shelter

Helping Children Through Tragedy

Tragedy is inevitable and for parents it can be particularly rough explaining these sad events, however there are ways parents can be there for their kids.

Helping children through tragedy
Food and Recipes

FDA Food Label Changes: What You Need to Know

What shoppers need to know about the changes to food label requirements announced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

FDA food label changes

DIY: How To Make Homemade Bird Feeders #MIKidsCan

Attracting birds to your house can be a rewarding activity for both you and your kids. Come learn how to make your own inexpensive homemade bird feeder here.

Homemade Bird Feeder

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