Alexandria Iacobelli

I am a rising senior at Michigan State University from Novi, Michigan, pursuing a degree in Communications and minors in Public Relations and Health Promotion. Known by my family and friends to be kind-hearted, mom-of-the-friend-group and a beach lover. You can find me cooking, shopping, being active outside and exploring new cities.

Share the Facts and Join the Fight to End Alzheimer’s

The number of Americans living with Alzheimer's disease is growing. It's important to understand the disease to detect and provide accurate diagnosis earlier.

grandparents walk in woods

Holland Tulip Time Festival to Feature Yoga in the Tulips

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is proud to partner with Tulip Time to bring the community a series of special yoga events this May.

purple and pink tulips in bloom
Food and Recipes

Easy Heart-Healthy Recipes for Every Meal

Keeping your heart healthy can be easy with these delicious recipes.

veggie buddha bowl

Eat Healthier at Food Trucks with These Choices

Eating fresh, local ingredients is important for a healthy diet. Find out how Michigan food trucks can be part of yours.

Food and Recipes

Celebrate Cherry Season with These Recipes

Don’t let your cherries go to waste. Reap the many health benefits of cherries by making these tasty recipes to end cherry season on a strong note.

cherries in colander
Food and Recipes

Ditch Unhealthy Chemicals in Boxed Mac and Cheese with this Homemade Recipe

Get the low down on the dangerous chemicals found in this popular boxed comfort food and find a recipe that is a healthier alternative!


What to Expect from an Allergy Test

Getting an allergy test can be a nerve-wracking experience. Knowing what may happen during these tests can save you from that worry!

Home and Family

Detroit: Swim 1922 to Host Free Family Swim Day July 15

Join Swim 1922 for a free family swimming event in Detroit to help increase awareness about water safety and skills.

Two young girls getting ready for swimming lessons
Home and Family

Cooking Together, Growing Together

Families benefit in many ways from spending time together cooking up delicious meals. Make new recipes with your loved ones to get the most out of the kitchen!

Beans in a pan
Food and Recipes

Healthy Side and Dessert Recipes for a Tasty Independence Day

Invite your friends and family to share these tasty treats this Fourth of July. These recipes will have guests as excited as they are for the fireworks!

Yogurt bark and Fourth of July decorations on a wood table.
Food and Recipes

Why You Should Give Farmers Markets a Try

With summer comes farmers market season, bringing fresh produce right from your neighborhood to your kitchen table.

Food and Recipes

The Truth About Coconut Oil

Watch out for foods that may seem healthy until getting a closer look at the ingredients. Coconut oil doesn't have the health benefits one may think.

Jar and spoon of coconut oil
Home and Family

Snack Swaps: Help Kids Eat Healthy All Summer

Lack of structure in the summer can lead to mindless snacking. Try these swaps to help kids eat right this summer.

Snail and Worm Snacks

Not Your Average Boot Camp: Michigan Students Combine Math and Fitness

One Michigan school's Math Boot Camp helped to foster a long-term appreciation for math, running and camaraderie.

School children running

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