Benefits of Spa Treatments for Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month. Stress is a major component to a number of mental and physical health issues. Stress can manifest itself in different ways for different people and can arise out of a number of life events. Allowing yourself the opportunity to relax is key to keeping those stress and anxiety levels under control. To most of us, the epitome of relaxation includes a day at the spa. 

Spa treatments and massage therapies

Spa treatments and massage therapies, which are quick and relatively affordable, create both mental and physical health benefits. In fact, studies have shown that the frequency of visiting a spa directly correlates with better quality sleep, fewer sick days, reduced absenteeism from work and fewer hospitalizations. More specifically, the heat from a hot tub, sauna or steam shower soothes aches and pains from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other joint issues. Hydrotherapy, heat therapy and massages both improve blood circulation and manage blood pressure. Some spas even have Pilates and yoga, which improve flexibility and breathing.

Throughout the process of massage therapy, lymph flow stimulation enhances the immune system. Proper lymph flow, the body’s defense, draws out metabolic waste, excess water, toxins, and bacteria from the muscles. In turn, swelling and soreness decreases while ability to fight off disease increases. Massage also improves circulation and posture. 

Facials and mud baths

Facials and mud baths detoxify the skin from built up waste and bacteria. This is important because the skin is not only the largest organ in the body, but also the first line of defense against environmental toxins. Facials also release stress tension from the head and neck, which can prevent headaches. Mud baths exfoliate and nourish the skin through the earth’s natural elements, like soil, clay, and water, which are full of vitamins and minerals. 

As an additional stress reliever, most spas make the effort to use products that increase the physical and mental benefits of your particular service or treatment. In other words, lotions, scrubs, wraps, etc. come in soothing scents like lavender, eucalyptus, and aloe. In fact, in between spa visits scrubs are easy to make at home from ingredients found in most cupboards. 

Brown Sugar Body Scrub


  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of ground oats
  • 2 tablespoons of Aloe vera gel
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of almond oil


Mix all ingredients together and massage in a circular motion with your fingertips. Rinse with warm water. The results are best when done after a shower.  

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  1. I too also agree with the ideas of opting for the natural treatment the joint and the body pains. They don’t have any side effects. It’s good to come across such a valuable post.

    1. Thank you for your comments! I too advocate that working towards treatments and relief options that avoid all of those harmful side effects is greatly beneficial. I’m glad the post was helpful for you!

  2. Thanks for posting this! It’s great to get that confirmation that, yes, spas feel good AND do good. I always feel the most like myself sitting in a spa. I would love, however, to see more of the scientific sources behind the facts you listed, particularly those about the lymphatic system. Thanks so much!

  3. I thought it was cool that spa treatments and massage therapies create both mental and physical health benefits. In 2014, I dislocated multiple ribs in my back and because of it, I couldn’t take deep breaths at all. The remedy that the doctor suggested was massage therapy and it worked miracles. The physical benefits are amazing and as soon as I had recovered I felt better about myself, too.

  4. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that frequent spa visits can help you sleep. Between my busy job and taking care of my kids, I have a lot going on right now, and the stress has been making it difficult to sleep at night. I’ll definitely look into scheduling some spa visits so I can relax and improve my sleep. Thanks for the great post!

  5. Wow, I didn’t know that going to the spa frequently have a correlation with having fewer hospitalizations and sick days. If that’s the case, then I should probably start looking for a place to visit on a regular basis. Plus, my wedding anniversary is coming up, so I could definitely use that as an excuse to have a nice spa day with my husband.

  6. I’ve been really stressed out lately, and I don’t know what to do. I didn’t know that a spa treatment could be so beneficial to my body and mind! I’ll have to give that a try, because I can’t focus when I’m stressed like this.

  7. Who couldn’t use a little less stress in their lives? It are so many great health benefits to having time to pamper yourself and your body. I have found that you are able to perform a lot of these procedures at home. It is worth the time to invest in yourself.

  8. I agree with you that stress plays a role in our physical and mental health more than we may realize. It’s important to manage your stress if it gets out of hand. Spa parties or individual treatment sessions sound like an effective means of relaxing and recalibrating your mind.

  9. I had no idea that the frequency of spa visits could effect how I sleep and how many sick days I have! I’m always looking for ways to get feeling better, and I think spas may be the secret! I’ll have to give a few spa days a shot to see how I feel!

  10. Thanks for bringing to my attention that frequent spa visits can help with better quality sleep. My wife has been under a lot of stress, and she hasn’t been sleeping very well lately. Maybe I could take her to a spa a couple of times to help her wind down so she can sleep.

  11. My wife has been looking for ways she can reduce her stress. There have been some family issues troubling her recently, and she could really use some relaxation. I didn’t realize day spas are able to anxiety by helping increase lymph flow and reducing toxins. I’ll be sure my wife is aware of this option.

  12. I like when you said massages can help with your immune system by getting the proper flow in your lymph nodes. I hadn’t realized till now, but every time I get a massage, I feel more clear, which is probably because of this. How often is it recommended to have a massage?

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  14. It’s really interesting that going to spas can help you sleep better and have fewer sick days. My sister has been working really hard lately, and I think the stress is making her sick. Maybe I should take her to a spa on the weekend so the relaxation can keep her from getting seriously ill.

  15. I feel like my wife is pretty stressed a lot so I’ll probably see about doing this treatment for me. Now if it doesn’t work as intended, I will probably take her to an actual spa. That way, I can be certain that whatever treatments that they have there will probably work.

  16. I really need to get some spa treatments or massage therapies as I’ve been aching in most parts of my body after I gave birth to my firstborn. It’s been a month already and after I have fully recovered, I’ll go to the nearest spa here in my area.

  17. Thank you very much for your informative article. Really this will help people to get relief from spa pain. Personally, my friend is taking this procedure at home. Actually it is an awesome procedure.

  18. Thank you very much for your informative article. Really this will help people to get relief from spa pain. Personally, my friend is taking this procedure at home. Actually it is an awesome procedure.

  19. It’s great to learn that you can get better quality sleep when you visit a spa regularly. My wife is wanting to get better sleep every night and she was wondering what she could start doing in the day to make it easier to sleep. I’ll be sure to tell her to start visiting the spa regularly.

  20. Totally agreed with you. Thank you very much for sharing all these incredible benefits of Spa treatments.

  21. It’s good to learn that lymph flow stimulation enhances your immune system. My wife is wanting to go to the spa more often and she was wondering how she could improve her immune system by going to the spa. I’ll be sure to tell her that she could improve her immune system with lymph flow stimulation.

  22. It was really interesting to learn that going to the spa can help you sleep better at night. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping lately due to all the stress I’ve been feeling at work. I’ll make sue to follow this advice and look for a local spa I can visit.

    1. Claire,

      Sorry to hear you are having trouble sleeping. We would love to hear how your spa visit goes.

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