Michigan October Bucket List: 10 Fun Ways to Enjoy Autumn

Just because the leaves are changing and the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean the fun and healthy activities have to stop. October offers a plethora of fun activities to participate in, unique places to visit and health awareness opportunities to take advantage of.

Check out the list below for some of our fall favorites.

  1. Fall is one of the prettiest seasons in Michigan. With acres of varying shades of red, orange and yellow, color tours are in peak season during October. The best time to view the fall colors in the Upper Peninsula is earlier in the month, while Lower Peninsula ranges from early October to late October.
  2. With cooler temps, it’s a great time to train for a race. October offers the perfect month to establish a workout routine before all the holiday festivities begin. Start today and you’ll be ready to conquer your local Turkey Trot race.
  3. Is it really fall if you haven’t visited your local pumpkin patch or apple orchard? This fun, family-friendly activity is sure to create lasting memories. Nothing beats a fresh apple straight from the tree or picking the perfect carving pumpkin right from the field.
  4. While October is the perfect month for pumpkins, try mixing up your diet with some other fun, fall food items. From sweet potatoes to cabbage, there’s a wide array of various fruits and vegetables that are at peak harvest season during October. Try something new the next time you visit the farmers market.
  5. With National Drug Take Back Day taking place on October 27, it’s prime time to educate yourself and your family about drugs. Teaching children at an early age to not abuse prescription drugs is essential. Participate in this day with your whole family. Go through your medicine cabinets together to make sure you have all the old prescription drugs to turn in.
  6. Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize runs through Oct. 7. This highly-anticipated event is not only fun, but can also provide mental health benefits. From small to very large pieces, ArtPrize has something to intrigue everyone. Make sure to check out this piece of art devoted to smashing mental health stigma.
  7. Excited to see the kiddos all dressed up for Halloween? Keep all those little ghosts and goblins healthy by passing out health-conscious treats they’ll still love.
  8. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, take time to educate yourself and your loved ones about this condition. Consider scheduling a mammogram. Having regular mammograms will not only help keep you safe, but also give you piece of mind.
  9. This month the weather can be pleasant, or the complete opposite. If you find yourself experiencing a rainy, gloomy day don’t be sad, just take a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts, or the DIA. Get lost in the museum’s impressive collection, among the top six in the United States, with about 66,000 works to experience.
  10. With National Dental Hygiene Month starting, now is the perfect time to get into a routine of making sure you are not only brushing your teeth well, but flossing too. Make sure your kids are also taking up healthy dental practices. This month is also a great opportunity for individuals to schedule dental appointments.

Check out some other fun bucket list ideas below:

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