Melon and Fruit Water Infusions

Your body is made up of almost 60 percent water with the bodily fluids contributing to important functions such as digestion, circulation and maintenance of body temperature. Drinking water helps to energize your muscles, keep your skin healthy, improve kidney function and prevent constipation.

However, studies show 75 percent of Americans drink significantly less water than what is recommended daily.

  • For five to eight-year-olds, the recommendation is at least one liter daily.
  • Nine to 12-year-olds should get in at least 1.5 liters and children ages 13 and older should be consuming up to two liters of water each day.
  • A general rule of thumb for adults is to aim for at least half one’s body weight in ounces of water daily.

Infused water is a great way to add flavor to drinking water while staying hydrated. Try mixing a variety of different fruits combinations to get a drink with great flavor, color and variety, without all the calories and sugar.

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infused water


  • Cantaloupe, cut into ~1 inch pieces or balls
  • Cherries, pitted and cut in half
  • Honeydew, cut into ~1 inch pieces or balls
  • Pineapple, cut into chunks
  • Watermelon, cut into ~1 inch pieces or balls
  • Kiwi, cut into chunks
  • Fresh mint leaves, cleaned and chopped
  • Water
  • Ice

Melon and Fruit Water Infusions

1. Clean all produce thoroughly. Place desired amount of melon, fruit or herb into glass or pitcher. I recommend only using 2-3 options at one time.
2. Fill cup or pitcher with water and ice, if desired.
3. Allow to sit for as little as 10 minute to overnight before drinking. Enjoy!

Optional: You can pre-freeze the prepared fruit before placing into water infusion.

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