CycleBar – The Best Workout Since the Invention of the Wheel

Looking for a great low impact, well-rounded workout? Then CycleBar is the place for you. CycleBar is located in Troy Michigan on Big Beaver Rd. and recently opened to the public at the end of July.

Employees of the Corporate Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan were invited prior to their official opening to participate in a free cycling class. I attended the class as a novice rider and was completely blown away by the experience.

Stepping into this state of the art cycle studio is similar to entering a club-like atmosphere…with bikes. It includes 50 Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes spread across the semi-circle cycle theater and a single bike up front for the CycleStar instructor leading the class.

After we were all situated on our designated bikes, instructor Andres Salinas gave us a suggested RPM (revolutions per minute) and gear setting, both of which we were told to maintain to keep pace with the music.

The 50-minute class was an intense mix of fast and slow paced cycling plus some light weight lifting exercises. Throughout the class Andres maintained the high energy level by motivating the group, clapping, dancing and making sure not to pressure anyone to exceed their limits. This allowed for everyone to enjoy the experience and not feel discouraged if they weren’t exactly keeping up.

On the last song, he pushed everyone to give it their all by showing the class rankings on the screen. These rankings are based on everyone’s average RPM from the duration of the class. According to Andres, his classes are “exhilarating, exciting, motivating and much more than a ride; they’re an experience.”

Cycling offers many health benefits that appeal to a wide range of individuals. CycleStar Shawn Jenkins previously worked in Hollywood, training professional athletes and stunt people. He stated that cycling is great for protecting the knees and joints which helps prolong athletic careers. The cardio also helps strengthen the heart.

Shawn claimed that “cycling is the best workout since the invention of the wheel.”

CycleBar owner Dave Bridges also highlighted that cycling is great cross training for runners and people recovering from injuries. He said, “we had someone come in who was recovering from ACL surgery and they loved the experience and plan to return regularly.”

What’s appealing about a CycleBar class is that it’s an intense workout that feels exciting and enjoyable and isn’t exclusive to experienced riders.

Having zero cycling experience, CycleBar exposed me to an exceptional workout that comes loaded with health benefits. CycleBar welcomes a broad range of riders with different levels of cycling expertise. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to fit a high intensity yet fun workout into their schedule.

Watch the video below to get a taste of our team’s intense experience.

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Photo Credit: Mike Miller, A Healthier Michigan
Editor’s note: The author of this post received a free cycling class from CycleBar in Troy, Mich. All opinions expressed in this post are his own.

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