Looking for a New Workout? Try Drumming Exercises

Exercising can be a strenuous task. What makes it harder is always doing the same typical exercises that can easily get boring. So, try something different this summer.

Drumming exercise is everything someone would expect from the title. The workout involves actual drum sticks and a group of people pounding to a song or an original beat. It’s a great way to get fit by the power of rhythm and is accessible to all age groups.

FACEBOOK 3 CROP REMASTERThis full body workout provides the cardio you need while exercising. Drummers pound the floor and clink overhead in an upbeat fashion to different types of music.  They’re also constantly moving from side to side and back and fourth, working their core to burn fat.

Having some similarities to Zumba and Aerobics, the drumming exercise gives participants more of an edge and is a great opportunity to relieve stress. Although it’s not very well known, it’s been receiving a lot of buzz for introducing a new way to lose weight. Now, a lot of fitness facilities are integrating the drumming exercise into their fitness programs.

“The drumming exercise is effective because the movement patterns associated with the class include everyday functional movement patterns,” Kane says.

Barb Kane, a health, wellness and fitness coach at the Maplewood Recreation Center in Garden City, MI, conducts drumming exercise sessions every Monday and Thursday at 6:15 p.m. During these sessions, Kane targets the upper, lower and core portions of the body. She receives a ton of positive responses from her workout sessions, as participants feel that it is fun because it doesn’t seem like exercise at all.

Kane enjoys conducting the class because music is as a universal language that everyone can enjoy and have fun working out too.

“So much can be communicated by strengthening the mind, body, and soul,” Kane shares.

Connect with your community by combining drumming, rhythm, music, and movement. Search for drumming classes at a fitness center near you or visit the Maplewood Center in Garden City, Mich. to participate in a class and meet Barb Kane.

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Photo Credit: Barb Kane

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  1. Hi I’m in a wheelchair and recently joined cardio drumming in Sturgis, Mi. And I Love It I’m able to work out my upper body core and arms to the music Love It

    1. Glad you love it, Wendy! We love that drumming exercise gets people moving in a unique and fun way, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would do this if they were at a earlier time…because I work night shift hopefully you guys can figure out times for the night shifters!

  3. Very cool! I’ll have to tell my band mates we need more practice/gigs! I am a drummer -but surely need more exercise!

  4. I don’t live too far from here and am interested in attending a class, could you please tell me what the costs would be? thank you

    1. First class is free but it costs $5 to rent the equipment. After the first class it is $5 per class and $5 to rent the equipment. You can buy your own equipment for around $20 if you decide to continue to come to class.

  5. We’ve been doing these cardio drumming classes in the Upper Peninsula since the Fall of 2015. They are awesome! Love the different things you can do to keep moving. I’ve lost 17 pounds and have kept it off, thanks to drumming!

  6. Is there a DVD to use for classes? I’m living in a Senior Park in Florida for the winter and want to start an exercise drumming class at our park.

    1. Hi Marilyn, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, we don’t have any drumming DVD’s to share, but we do have some other exercise options that might fit your needs. Simply follow the links below for more information. Hope these help!

      Try our ABC workout and spell it out! https://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/2019/01/29/spell-it-out-try-this-abc-workout/
      Don’t let limited mobility stop your routine, try these exercises for something new: https://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/2019/01/28/6-exercises-for-people-with-limited-mobility/

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