Greek Yogurt: Four ways to Choose the Right One for You

Greek YogurtWhen you’re choosing a healthy breakfast, yogurt may be the first thing that comes to mind. It’s full of protein and calcium, right? There are many different types of Greek yogurt and some people think that they are all pretty similar and equally healthy.

In reality, some yogurts are healthier than others. When opting for a healthy yogurt try a plain Greek yogurt, and if you’d like to add flavoring, mix in some fruit or honey. Flavored yogurt tends to contain a lot of unwanted sugars, so the plain yogurt is the healthier option.

It’s sometimes hard to know which brand of yogurt is the healthiest. Here are list of healthy yogurt brands based on calories and nutrition value:

1. Alpina Revive Plain 0% Fat Greek Yogurt (Best for Protein)

This particular brand comes with a small portion of granola on top to add some flavor to the plain yogurt. This yogurt has significantly less sugar compared to other brands, and has over 17 grams of protein.

2. Yoplait Greek 100 (Best for Calorie-Saving)

This yogurt is for those who are looking to save on the calories. Yoplait Greek 100 only contains 100 calories. It also has a custard texture to change things up a bit.

3. Muller Greek Corner Honey Apricot (Best for Pre-Workout)

This yogurt is best for those who are looking for a yogurt that doesn’t weigh them down. This Greek yogurt contains a very light texture, making it a great option to eat before a work-out.

4. YoCrunch Greek Super Fruit & Almonds (Best for Flavor)

For those looking for a burst of flavor, this yogurt contains raspberry and acai fruit on the bottom and almond pieces on the top to mix into this flavorful Greek yogurt. Coming in at 140 calories, it is the perfect mix of flavor without all the calories.

There are plenty of Greek yogurt options and each can be good for you in different ways depending on what you’re looking for in a yogurt. Take a look at Fitness Magazine’s ‘The Best Greek Yogurts’ to find a yogurt brand that works for you!

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