Healthy Potluck Ideas That Are Easy, Fun, Creative and Interactive

Summer time is a great excuse to have a picnic, barbecue or party. One of the ways to make this easier on you as the host of the get together is to have a potluck. And who doesn’t love a good potluck?

The main issue I often see though with potluck dishes is that they are fatty, fried or greasy. That said, I would love to share my favorite potluck ideas with you that don’t involve the fatty foods but rather healthier alternatives that everyone will love.

All of my ideas are a take-off of the familiar salad bar. It is fun, interactive and a creative way to get people involved in the potluck. It is smart to have a guest list and have people sign up for what they are going to bring to avoid duplicate items. You also have to give your guests an idea regarding the total number of people who will be attending, so they know how much to bring. This will make sense as you read more below.

  • Omelet Bar

One of my favorite brunch time potluck ideas is to have an omelet bar. The host will provide the eggs, egg whites or egg substitute. Then all the guests bring their favorite omelet items, one or two per person. They will make sure the items are prepped and ready to be cooked into an omelet. I recommend the host taking the reins on cooking everyone’s omelet just because it is easier than having each person prepare their own. As the host, you can serve toast or low-fat breakfast meats or mimosas and Bloody Mary’s as a fun addition to your brunch potluck.

  • Yogurt Parfait Bar and Smoothie Bar

Another great idea that pairs nicely with the omelet bar above is to have a yogurt parfait or smoothie bar or both. Again, the host can provide the yogurt and milk (or a variety of milk substitutes) along with the blender. The guests will then sign up to bring their favorite fruit, vegetable, nuts, granola or whatever they may like in a smoothie or yogurt parfait. This is so much fun and you can get really creative with the combinations that are created. I have also done a brunch that included a smoothie, yogurt parfait, trail mix bar and then after that worked out with friends as a fun and healthy way to enjoy their company.

  • Salad Bar Potluck

This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy food, friends and family, especially in the summer. I have done this for parties at my home and even for work potlucks. The host provides the lettuce, spinach and leafy greens, along with salad dressings. In the past, I have made my own salad dressings and then I give everyone the recipes for them. The guests bring their favorite salad toppings and voila, you have a salad bar!

  • Stir Fry Potluck

I absolutely adore this idea and it really is fun for everyone. The host will provide a variety of lean meat sources, the wok, brown rice and the stir fry sauce. While the guests, bring their favorite stir fry ingredients. And each person gets to create their own healthy concoction, almost B.D. Mongolian BBQ style. To make it more interactive you can also include a variety of ingredients and recipes for different stir fry sauces that people can enjoy.

  • Kabob Potluck

The stir fry potluck goes nicely with the kabob potluck, especially if you have a crowded in the kitchen. This way you can have people cooking up their kabobs on the grill outside too. Here the host will have the pre-soaked water skewers and the lean meat options along with some sauces and marinades. The guests bring vegetables or fruit to skewer along with the meat and grill them up. Yummy!

All of these ideas are not only fun, interactive, healthy and creative but they are also friendly for the budget. Have you ever done something like this before? What are some of your favorite potluck ideas?

Photo Credit: Lodigs

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