8 Summer Snacks that Can Stand the Heat

Mixed NutsNothing ruins your summer day faster than soggy, running fruits, or spoiled cheese and crackers. I bet I’m not the only one that’s been there: you put your time and energy into packing snacks for a summer day out only to find that they just couldn’t hold their own in the heat. Frustrating!

Although the summer is the perfect time to enjoy seasonal fruits and veggies, sometimes those things are just better off eaten in the comfort of your own home. So what’s a person on-the-go to do about a wholesome summer snack? Here is a great list of alternatives that will fight off hunger and survive the heat:

  • Dried fruits (these are great for enjoying the flavor of the fruits you love without having to deal with them spoiling or running)
  • Crackers (although you should stay away from pairing these with cheese there are many great brands that taste delicious on their own, and remember Graham crackers fall into this family too!)
  • Mixed nuts (these are not only good at surviving the summer weather but will give you a great boost of energy for enjoying the sunshine)
  • Mini bagels (these can be topped with great spreads like peanut butter and honey)
  • Fruit snacks (there are a few brands that offer 100% juice snacks and even organic alternatives)
  • Pita chips (a nice change from the less healthy potato chip)
  • Granola (great on its own or mixed with dried fruits and nuts to create a trail mix!)
  • Fruit cups (another wonderful way to get in your fruit servings without the mess)

Hopefully these snacks will keep you well-fed during your day-to-day hustle and bustle, and save you the time of worrying over messes left by other less heat-friendly choices!

What are some of your favorite summer snacks, and how do they stand up to the heat?

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