Does Love Make You Fat?

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Does love make you fat? I have asked myself this question before. My non-scientific answer is definitely yes, considering my own experiences and thinking about how much weight my husband and I have gained over the years. What do you think?
Well, there is actually some research that shows a link between love and weight gain. A 2008 study from UNC Chapel Hill showed that newlyweds pack on the pounds. Over the course of about five years, men who got married gained 6 more pounds, on average, than those who stayed single. Women made out even worse, showing 9 pounds of weight gain compared to their single friends.
I think there is a variety of reasons that “love” causes weight gain. Here are some of them along with some solutions to avoid extra pounds with love.

Wining and Dining

Think about it, dating means more dining out then you probably did in the past. Restaurants usually serve more decadent food and larger portions. This can easily turn into more calories than your body is used to, hence the extra weight too.
Solution: Try splitting a meal, choosing a healthier meal at the restaurant, skipping the appetizer and cocktail or make a healthy home-made meal together.

He is having three

I see this all the time and suffer from it too. I am referring to eating as much as my husband. When he is having three pieces of pizza, I want three pieces of pizza too. Watch those portions.
Solution: Try preparing meals for two and be hyper-aware of your portion sizes. I always say “I am 5’1″ and have to eat for a 5’1″ female” While my husband has the liberty to eat for a 5’10” man. It isn’t always fair, but better to be realistic about it now before weight gain effects your health.

I just want to hang out with you

Especially in new relationships, we seem to adjust a lot of our time to be with the one we love. This means skipped workouts and meals, which then turn into sedentary cuddling on the couch with unhealthy snacks. I know this example may be extreme, but you know you have done it.
Solution: Still keep some independence to avoid skipping meals or workouts. If you do want to eat together, plan some healthy snacks to tie you over, if someone has to work late. You can also plan exercising together, then you are killing two birds with one stone. Spending time together and getting your fitness on.
Do you think that love can make you fat? What have you done to make sure this doesn’t happen to you?
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