A-To-Z Guide To Your New, Healthy Lifestyle

Jodi Davis

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Powerful words can have a deep impact on your life. I’d like to share some of my favorite powerful words today — ones that helped me focus on my health. Please allow them to be just aspowerfulfor you as you make the transition to a healthy lifestyle.
  • ACCEPTthat it is time to begin living a healthy lifestyle
  • BELIEVEin yourself – yes, you can do this
  • CONTROLdaily CALORIEintake
  • DIETS will NOT bring long-term weight loss success
  • EXERCISE daily – NO EXCUSES allowed
  • FOCUS and have FAITH
  • GOALSare attainable
  • HEALTHY HABITS are formed in only 21 days
  • IMAGINE yourself thin – it really works
  • JOY – You deserve it and don’t think otherwise
  • KICKyour exercise routine up a notch
  • LIFESTYLE of HEALTH – strive for it
  • MOTIVATION– Remind yourself “why” you MUSTlive a healthier lifestyle
  • NO – A powerful word, use it when your conscience tells you to
  • OPT to end the OBESElife once and for all
  • PATIENCEis part of any weight loss goal
  • QUITprocrastinating – no more waiting to become healthier… now is the time
  • READY to succeed at living healthier
  • STRIVEfor 10,000 STEPS per day
  • TAKE TIME daily for you (if you don’t, who will?)
  • UNCONTROLLABLE laughter is great for the heart
  • VARIOUS health benefits are derived from daily tea & coffee consumption
  • eXTRA healthy eating makes sense in several ways
  • YOU deserve to be on top of the priority list
  • ZIP up your jeans with ease! … often a result of following the above list

Community Partners in Health: The Lansing Winter Warm Up Recap

Community Participants Gather at the Ending Celebration of the Lansing Winter Warm-Up and Blues Community Challenge
As Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s walking and healthy living advocate, I’m fortunate to participate in several events throughout the state focused on helping others put these powerful words into action. I love seeing what people can accomplish when they work together and support each other in making healthy lifestyle choices.
The 2011 Winter Warm Up, a walking/physical activity program that focuses on improving the health and fitness of nine greater Lansing communities, took place over the last 8 weeks. This year the winning communities in the Blues Community Challenge were: Charlotte, East Lansing, Grand Ledge, Lansing, Williamston, Delhi Township, Delta Township, Lansing Township, and Meridian Township.
What a wonderful goal for all Michigan communities to strive for… to come together and work towards the mission to motivate people to engage in regular physical activity and healthy eating habits. Mid-Michigan has achieved this mission, and I’m honored to have been a part of the final celebration that took place April 2 in Lansing.
More than 1,600 people in the greater Lansing area walked a whopping 135,000+ miles during the past 8 weeks, which is equivalent to 5.2 times around the equator! A big CONGRATS to each community that made the decision to become a PARTNER IN HEALTH – what amazing role models for ALL of Michigan to follow!
Photo Credit: james.swenson13

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