Getting Perspective on Weight-Loss Plateaus

Jodi Davis

| 3 min read

Yes, hitting a weight loss plateau is very common among people who hope to shed excess pounds. I’m often asked what I did when I reached a plateau during my 162 pound weight-loss. My answer is always the same: “I’m not sure if I did hit a plateau.” The truth is, the human body works hard to keep energy intake and output in balance, and your body does not like to lose weight… so after your initial weight loss, your progress will slow down and eventually stop. This is true even when your exercise and food intake is consistent. The bottom line is that the very efforts you make to burn more calories may eventually slow down your weight loss.
The reason I believe I didn’t experience a plateau while I was losing weight is that I only weighed myself every three months or so, and each time the scale would show about a 30 pound loss. I learned NOT to continuously focus on my weight because I wasn’t dieting; there was no set end-date for me to achieve my goal weight. I knew I was living a healthy lifestyle and that sooner or later, the day would arrive. And once that day did arrive I did not stop living my healthy lifestyle… I continued.
But some feel the need to weigh themselves often, which is great if this works for them. However, this may cause some to be more sensitive to weight-loss plateaus than I was.
A plateau is difficult to conquer because it feels as though even you are giving it your all and you aren’t getting anywhere. You’ve been doing great and losing weight steadily, then for some unknown reason your progress comes to a halt. When good habits are kept, the plateau is only temporary and the weight loss kicks in again, but during that short period of time, it seems like forever!
It’s almost like you are trying to reach a destination on a bike with wheels that aren’t touching the ground; you keep peddling but you aren’t getting anywhere. But, before long, the bike tires have traction again and you’re on your way— all that peddling you did earlier made you that much stronger.
Plateaus are difficult, and yes, they do take special effort and willpower, but YOU CAN DO IT!
Remember, this is a healthy lifestyle that you are living — not just today but for all your days to come. I’m sure you aren’t going to stop once your weight loss goal is achieved, you will want to continue to take care of your health and enjoy your great success. And, if walking has been your key to weight-loss success like it was mine, I’m sure you find it too enjoyable to ever stop, right?
Don’t forget that you are NOT on a diet and there is no official end datewhen you must hit your goal weight. You are living a healthy lifestyle, one to last a lifetime! Enjoy it and keep moving on!
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