Target All Five Senses to Feel Super Creative at Work

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Workdesk with decoration and copy space
Feeling blah at work? It might be time to look at your surroundings. The most inspiring office environments appeal to all five senses.
No matter what your workspace is like, you can make a few small changes to get your creative juices flowing and boost productivity, allowing for a happier 9-to-5 and better work-life balance.
Set your sights on more color. It’s hard to feel creative when all you see is beige walls. The key is to implement color psychology into your office design. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get out the paint brushes—throw pillows, art work and little decorative accents can do the trick. The specific hue you choose depends on what you need. Brighter colors (reds, blues and greens) help you focus and perform tasks more accurately while blue promotes mental clarity, calm, control and creative thinking. Studies have shown that blue environments can produce as many as two times more creative thoughts than red environments.
Block out distracting sounds. Although open, communal workspaces are popular, they’re also pretty noisy, meaning they can get in the way of focusing. Research shows that if you can hear someone speaking while you’re trying to focus on reading or writing, productivity can decrease by up to 66%. Slip on a pair of noise-canceling earphones and you can improve your focus.
Grab a squishy ball. If you sit at a desk, your hands are usually on your keyboard, mouse or a pen. Add a fourth option: a stress ball. Holding one in your hand and squeezing it can reduce anxiety and tension and improve your blood circulation. Even better, squeeze it in your left hand to boost creativity (studies show it activates the right side of your brain, which is where creative thinking occurs).
Eat with a purpose. What you eat while at work can also influence your creativity. High-carb lunches and high-sugar snacks lead to energy crashes. Instead, eat food with a low glycemic index like chicken, fish and vegetables to keep your brain fueled for success.
Stock up on scented candles. Smell is one of the most influential senses on your emotions and memory. Scents of cinnamon, mint, lemon, orange and rosemary tend to be energizing. Try finding candles (they can still impart smell without being lit), oils or lotions in these scents and keep them at your desk.
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