Editing Your Negative Beliefs: Simple Steps to Help You Embrace Positive Change in Your Life

Jodi Davis

| 3 min read

“I’m so tired of this. I really want to change, but …” Hey, I’ve repeated those exact words countless times in the past (especially during my morbidly obese years) and the words that followed were often some kind of excuse that I created. I want you to be honest with yourself.

Do you truly want to change?

Does the word change make you anxious because you have a slight fear of the unknown? It’s common for most people to fear the unknown. Making changes in our life means embracing it and taking responsibility for new actions. It also means that the denial and the excuses have ended. When you embrace change, you arrive at a state of being fully aware of your need to change while also trying your best to be motivated to make change happen with success.
But success will not be found if you allow the fear the unknown to hinder your efforts, or find yourself using any (or all) of these common excuses to avoid making positive changes in your life:
  • I really want to change but I should wait for a better time.
  • I really want to change but it will take too long.
  • I really want to change but I won’t have all the energy it will take to do it.
  • I really want to change but God did make me this way for a reason, it’s who I am.
  • I really want to change but I failed at my attempts before, I know I will fail again.
  • I really want to change but it will cause more trouble than it’s worth.
  • I really want to change but I am not sure if I can do it.
Okay, so now that you’ve read over the list and noticed a few of these excuses are ones you have used yourself, I want you to think about what you are actually doing: You’re saying that you really want to change, but your predetermined fears are stopping you from doing so. These fears may not even be valid, but you have concocted them through the years and now you have convinced yourself that they are factual.
It’s time to convince yourself otherwise.

Editing Your Fear Statements into Change Statements

It’s time for your fears to go away, and the word “but” is to be avoided. You will now accept the following as true:
  • I really want to change AND I know this is the perfect time!
  • I really want to change AND I have 24 hours a day to focus on changing!
  • I really want to change AND I can muster up the energy to make it happen!
  • I really want to change AND God will give me all the strength I need to accomplish this change!
  • I really want to change AND I will not fail!
  • I really want to change AND it will be worth any and all extra effort!
  • I really want to change AND I believe that I can do it!

Get Motivated!

Change won’t happen until you MAKE IT HAPPEN. Today you will begin the process. I believe that you can do it, too.
Photo Credit: morberg

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