Tomato Recipe Roundup

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Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables? Surprise – the answer is fruit!
You may have known that, but you might not realize the extensive health benefits tomatoes offer. They’re a great source of the antioxidant lycopene, which reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. They also decrease blood pressure, improve digestion, reduce cholesterol levels and help protect your skin against sun rays. In addition, tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that are important to include in your diet.
Whether you are feeling healthy or just love the taste of tomatoes, try these flavor-loaded tomato recipes to fuel your day.
Image of grilled tomato with corn salsa
This recipe is a Michigan favorite because of its nutrient-filled, fresh ingredients. Corn provides antioxidants that help prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, and tastes delicious with the mozzarella and touch of basil in this recipe.
Image of tomatoes and avocado
The combination of tomatoes and avocados make this dish a fantastic choice for those looking to boost their heart health. Avocados are easy to peel and chop, so this simple and easy salad makes a great lunch for when you’re rushing out the door.
Photo credit: albastrica mititica
Image of green tomatoes
People will be shocked to learn it was made using tomatoes after having a slice of this cake! Better yet, it’s healthier than the typical dessert. The green tomatoes taste just like apples, creating a delicious blend but still giving you those important vitamins that reduce the risk of heart disease.
Photo credit: Kaarina Dillabough
Green tomatoes can provide up to 42 milligrams of Vitamin C per cup, which helps regenerate body tissue, reduce the risk of heart disease and decrease cholesterol levels. Eggplant is a rich source of nutrients which are important for gastrointestinal health, and portabella mushrooms provide protein that will get you through the rest of your day. On top of all the health benefits, this salad is super yummy!
This recipe includes flavorful ingredients to spice up the classic pasta recipe. Rich in vitamins from tomatoes, this dish is delicious and diabetic-friendly. This simple meal relies on the natural flavors of the spices and herbs to add a tang to the pasta.
A quick and easy recipe, this lean option only has 300 calories per serving! Garlic is known to boost the immune system, so this dish is also a great option if you are feeling under the weather. The tomatoes and herbs are mixed as a stuffing and baked with the chicken to complement its flavor.
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