Putting the Spotlight on Cucumbers, Plus 4 Recipes 

Shanthi Appelo
Shanthi Appelo

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Shanthi Cucumber Recipes
Though Michigan is famous for its corn production in August, tomatoes and cucumbers are two other inexpensive, in-season vegetables to take advantage of this month.
Composed of 96% water, cucumbers promote hydration and bring refreshing flavors to a hot summer day. Although they are mostly made of water, these crispy, crunchy, low-calorie vegetables are rich in vitamins C and K, as well as antioxidants.
Walking down a grocery aisle, you might be met with a variety of cucumbers. The most common are garden and English cucumbers. Garden cucumbers come with a lower price tag than their English counterparts and tend to have a softer and thicker skin while packing in larger and more seeds. Many grocers wax them to help retain moisture, so peeling the garden variety or purchasing them from a farmers market is the best bet to avoid consuming the waxy layer. English cucumbers are sometimes called “seedless” and have a thin skin that’s pleasant to eat. This variety often comes packaged in a plastic sleeve to help retain moisture and prolong shelf life.
Cucumbers are extremely versatile and are delicious as a low-calorie dipper, salad base, appetizer bite and more. Check out these four cucumber recipes:
This summer-ready entree features a crunchy salad of cucumbers tossed in chili garlic paste, ginger, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. The salmon is prepared with a rub of honey and Dijon mustard and crusted with a mix of panko breadcrumbs and pistachios. It's topped with a fresh bite of homemade pineapple salsa.
This take on a classic makes use of one whole cucumber, with layers of tzatziki, tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese and chopped dill and red onion. It goes perfectly with toasted slices of whole wheat pita bread.
For a sophisticated yet easy appetizer, mix up a quick cold salad with imitation crab, mayonnaise and sour cream and spiced with fresh dill, then serve on top of cucumber slices.
Slices of fresh cucumber and mint leaves are mixed with sparkling water for a refreshing drink that's ready for the patio or the spa.

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