Freezer Meals for Busy Parents

Dr. Angela Seabright
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Freezer meals for busy parents
Looking to make meal-prep a whole lot easier? Consider over-cooking these items and throwing them in the freezer to be used for a variety of purposes later on:
Shredded, diced, however you’d like! Preparing extra chicken and freezing leftovers is a great idea because it can be used in many different dishes. Looking for variety? Leave the chicken unseasoned until thawed and decide what dish you’ll be using it for. Don’t waste your leftover protein—freeze it and find a clever way to incorporate it into another tasty meal! Some recipes to consider:
Pastas, casseroles and bakes are great meals to cook in large amounts and store in the freezer for re-heating later on. For the best results when it comes to reheating pasta, be sure not to over-cook the noodles originally to avoid a soggy or mushy texture when cooked over again after freezing. Some recipes to consider:
Repurposing sauces can help spice up a new dish or recreate the original meal. After letting the original sauce you’ve made cool, separate it into large bags or freezer-safe containers. If you’re working with different kinds of sauces, be sure to label them so you aren’t repurposing for the wrong dish later on! Some saucy recipes to try:
Soups and Stews
That’s right, the slow-cooker recipes we all know and love usually make great meals to freeze and re-use. Soups and stews are especially easy meals to freeze. Like sauces, it’s important to wait until your soup is cool before storing in the freezer. Check out some of these savory options:
What are your favorite meals to over-cook and freeze? Let us know by commenting below!
Photo Credit: Sarnil Prasad and Felix via Flickr
Looking for something unique to cook extra and freeze for the summer time? Try this!

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