Drop the pop! 5 Tips to Reduce Your Soda Consumption

Dr. Angela Seabright
Niccole LaDue

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The negative consequences of drinking pop are no secret.
In fact, most Americans know that soda is bad for them and that it contributes to obesity. So why do many of us continue to gulp it down? Is it the sugary satisfaction? The caffeine jolt? Or is it just out of habit and convenience?
Whatever the reason, cutting back on sugary beverages like soda pop can reduce one’s risk for obesity and other obesity-related conditions. Many people want to cut back, but don’t know how to do it successfully. Before you try and drop the pop you may want to do some prep-work. First, identify why you want to cut back. Next, track your consumption for a week so you know how much pop you’re actually drinking.
When you feel you’re ready, try these 5 tips:
  1. Hydrate with H2O. Find a good, reusable water bottle and keep it within reach. If you desire more flavor infuse your water with something refreshing like watermelon, lemon, cucumber, mint or a splash of 100% fruit juice. If it’s carbonation you crave try some seltzer or sparkling water.
  1. Choose healthier caffeinated beverages. No, energy drinks are not what I mean by “healthier.” But other options like tea or black coffee can provide you with a jolt of caffeine without the empty calories. If a hot cup isn’t what you enjoy then try tea or coffee on ice. There are many different types of tea available so you’re bound to find something you like.
  1. Remember the why. There’s a reason you decided to cut back on pop.Remind yourself of this reason often so it’s always on your mind. Making new healthier habits is hard and it’s easy to cheat. Making sure you always have your goal in mind will help you make good decisions. Try posting a sticky note in your kitchen or desk at work. Setting a reminder on your phone may also help.
  1. Seek support. Your social circle is generally made up of your biggest supporters. Tell your family and friends about your goal. This will help you stay accountable and keep you on track.
  1. Avoid the temptation altogether. If you buy it you’re likely to drink it. Avoiding pop altogether may be your best tool for success. If you find that you drink most of your pop at work, talk to management about making healthier options available.
Do you have any tips for those trying to drop the pop?
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