Brown Eggs vs. White Eggs: What’s the Difference?

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brown and white eggs
When it comes to eggs, folks often wonder: Is there a difference between brown and white eggs? The answer is simple: all eggs provide tremendous health benefits.

The only difference is in the color of the egg.

Brown Eggs White Eggs A Leading Source of Protein √ √ Easily Digested √ √ Zero Carbohydrates √ √ Zero Sugar √ √ Maintains Brain Health √ √ Promotes Healthy Eyes √ √ Healthy Option During Pregnancy √ √ Affordable at the Grocery Store or Market √ √
Both white and brown eggs provide these benefits – and all eggs can be easily prepared for a quick, nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eggs can even be cooked in the microwave for a snack on the go.
A little known fact about eggs is that their color is related more closely to the color of the chicken laying them. Eggs are wholesome and healthy regardless of their color.
Eggs are a healthy food choice. They taste great scrambled, poached, boiled, “sunny side up” and many other ways. And don’t forget, every egg comes packed with vitamins, nutrients and long-term health benefits.
Millions of eggs are produced every day right here in Michigan. Let’s remember that Michigan isn’t just the Great Lakes State – we’re the Great Eggs State!
Photo credit: Anathea Utley
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