3 Easy Appetizers for the Big Game

Shanthi Appelo
Shanthi Appelo

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According to StudyFinds.Org, pigs in a blanket are the top big game appetizer in Michigan. Researchers also found that appetizers make up most people’s diets on gameday. In fact, 70%of Americans skip the entree and stick to appetizers while watching the big game.
Watching a football game makes it easy to mindlessly snack and forget about portions. Consuming calorie-dense foods such as pizza, wings and fried snacks, coupled with alcohol and sugary drinks, can quickly lead to an increase in caloric intake. While one day of overeating isn’t going to significantly make a dent in overall health, it’s a good idea to mix in some lighter appetizers for nutrients and balance. Check out these options to get you started:
These mozzarella sticks are tossed in flour, covered with beaten egg and then drenched with an Italian herb-seasoned parmesan cheese panko breading. Rather than the traditional deep-frying, these are lightly coated in olive oil then baked until crispy.
These green beans are bursting with flavor and have the perfect level of crunch. In this recipe, the green beans are seared first to ensure the other ingredients don’t burn. They’re then combined with Thai flavors like refreshing lemongrass and ginger alongside a spicy sambal oelek – an Indonesian chili paste – or spicy garlic sauce. Sesame oil, which is sensitive to heat, is added at the end for a smooth flavor. The red of the sambal oelek and sesame seeds makes this an eye-catching dish.
Often, nacho cheese sauces are heavily processed with stabilizers and preservatives to maintain their smooth texture for dipping and drizzling. This recipe features a cottage cheese-based cheese sauce that packs in filling protein and gut-healthy probiotics while reducing the overall saturated fat of the dish. The nachos are topped with an array of veggies and herb for a flavor punch.
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