Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Lifting Weights to Beat Stress

Jakhari Tolbert

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Weightlifting is one of the most beneficial workouts around, especially when it comes to blowing off some steam.
So what is it about pumping iron that releases tension? Physical activity in general helps to release endorphins in your brain, which are chemicals that form when you are in pain or stressed as a way to counteract those negative sensations. Endorphins make you feel good, which is where the benefits of exercises such as weight lifting come in.
Here are three other ways weightlifting is a great stress reducer:
Kyle Hall
1) It creates a positive focus. “It allows me to focus and keep an upbeat attitude,” said Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan web editor and avid weightlifter Kyle Hall. “It gives me a clarity of thoughts, and creates a positive attitude inside of me. I am always able to look at the positive side of situations since I have started consistently weightlifting.” Hall has been weightlifting a little over two years now and he believes that weightlifting is the escape from the world that he needs to release all of his stress.
2) It gives you new goals. Nothing feels better than accomplishing long sought-after goals, or even short-term ones. Nothing feels better than lifting a heavier weight than you did last week, confirming to yourself that you are getting stronger, giving you confidence, and at the same time releasing stress. ““Accomplishing lifting those weights gives you such great confidence,” Hall said. “It’s a self-esteem builder. It just is the best thing to help with the day to day stresses. Pushing the negative energy off into those weights is amazing.”
3) It provides physical gains. Every day we all stress about how our bodies look. Nothing takes away that worry like a good long workout. Weightlifting can help you build body confidence while you get toned. Along with training your muscles, it is also a cardio exercise, so you can burn fat and work toward weight loss goals if you have them.
Personally, I can’t wait to start weightlifting again. Before I do, I will be consulting with a trainer to learn my limits and set a regimen that will work best for me, which is great advice for anybody just starting out.
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