Macomb Dancer Prepares for UDA Nationals

Julie Bitely

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Macomb Dancer Prepares for UDA Nationals
Dance is a way to express yourself through movement, as well as build strength, stamina and endurance. Being on a dance team also teaches teamwork, growing together and creating a bond that lasts a lifetime.
As the UDA National Dance Team Championship approaches, teams from all over the country are practicing their routines to bring to the national stage.
Anna Ciechanowski, a high school senior, will represent Dancer’s Edge Studio from Macomb at the event.
“Going to nationals is a completely different atmosphere. This is what hundreds of teams around the nation are also training for all year round,” said Ciechanowski, who has been competitively dancing since she was five-years-old.
When asked what she takes away from all of her hard work, she says it’s about “learning to never give up.” She also says she’s learned a lot about hard work and determination.
Ciechanowski holds her World Championship trophy. She will attend UDA Nationals in Orlando later this month. (Courtesy Photo)
Before making it to the national stage, dance teams invest long hours of practice and intense workout routines. This of course means many opportunities to bond with teammates and strengthen the team.
Those who have not been on a dance team may not know what these dancers take away from their journey. For Ciechanowski, being on a dance team has meant more to her than just learning technique and choreography.
“Dance teaches you way more than just dance moves. I’ve learned time management, perseverance, and discipline,” said Ciechanowski.
Dance has not only been her passion, but has taught her life lessons she said all dancers can take with them in the future.
So what advice does she have for someone considering joining a dance team?
“Do it. Joining a dance team brings everyone to work together. Dancers create memories that bring friendships that last forever.”
So whether you are on a current competitive dance team or considering joining one, beyond the hard work and commitment there is the ultimate prize of doing something you love to do.
Are you someone who’s on a competitive dance team or considering joining one? Let us know what dance means to you by leaving a comment below.
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