Fitness Over 40: Struggling to Lose Weight in the Midst of a Pandemic?

Shandra Martinez

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Certified personal trainer and mother of three Ann Marie Wakula introduces epsiode two of Fitness Over 40.
If you are like most people, COVID-19 has led to the “COVID 15.” While the pandemic may have changed our routines and led to higher numbers on the scale, safe and healthy weight loss is still possible, even from home.
In this second episode of Fitness Over 40, Ann Marie Wakula, a certified trainer and an over-40 mother of three, has some strategies for how to get back on track with healthy habits. She is the host of the Fitness Over 40 series, brought to you by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. The three-minute videos feature tips and mini workouts people can incorporate into their daily lives, even at home.
“This pandemic threw everybody off, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed if you gained some weight because it’s the norm right now,” said Wakula. “I have a lot of clients contacting me asking me how to lose weight.”

Attention is key

Rachel Goble, 42, is an example of someone who was able to make healthy changes that paid off quickly. A few months ago, the mother of two decided she wanted to do something about her “COVID 15” weight gain.
She began by watching her portion sizes and making better choices about what she was eating. Food prep was key – and so was being very conscious about what she consumed.
“Once I actually started the diet, it worked. I just lost 40 pounds. It feels amazing. It took me eight weeks, everyone is shocked, saying that I look completely different,” Goble said.

Make a plan

Wakula recommends these strategies for losing weight:
  • Watch your food portions. Make it a specific goal to weigh and measure your food.
  • Focus on lots of green vegetables. They give your body a lot of fiber.
  • Make sure you’re getting adequate amounts of protein.
  • Avoid butter, alcohol and sugary sweets.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s going to make your body function best.
  • Get your body moving by choosing an exercise. This can be anything, including taking your dog for a brisk walk.
“I would definitely start off with a plan. You want to plan, write it down and put it somewhere that you can see in your house. When you start to see the progress, that’s when you really start to stick to your goals. Be patient and trust the process,” said Wakula. “And just keep going.”
Check out the latest Fitness Over 40 video and try this month’s fitness goal, which you can do without leaving home.
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