Meditation for Mindfulness and Mental Clarity 

Meditation, mindfulness and mental clarity may be just what the doctor ordered as we head into this busy holiday season.


Secrets to Holiday Success 

The holidays can be a tough time to stick to exercise and healthy eating, but it can be done if you take the right approach.

Fitness Over 40

Michigan Breast Cancer Survivor Relies on Running to Regain Health

Running helped breast cancer survivor Ellyn Davidson regain her health. She talks about the health benefits with Fitness Over 40 host Ann Marie Wakula.

FO40 running

The Many Benefits of Walking

Walking is one of the fastest and easiest ways to burn calories. On this episode of Fitness Over 40, learn about the many health benefits of walking.

FO40 walking

Kick Your Workout into High Gear with Cardio Boxing 

In this edition of Fitness Over 40, host Ann Marie Wakula takes you to a cardio boxing workout. It's a high-energy and fun way to boost your heart rate.

F040 cardio boxing

Looking for a heart-pumping workout? Take the stairs 

Wherever you are, a workout isn’t far away. Certified trainer Ann Marie Wakula says climbing stairs builds strength, burns calories and improves heart health.

Ann Marie Wakula climbs stairs

Diet and Exercise Take Teacher from Diabetes to Marathons 

In this episode of Fitness Over 40, Ira Goldberg shares how proper diet and exercise took from nearly 400 pounds to running marathons.

Ann Marie Wakula and Ira Goldberg.

Fitness Over 40: The Secrets of Senior Olympians

Michigan Senior Olympians Lisa Hypner and Jeff Ellis are a reminder that fitness has no age limits. They share the stories with Ann Marie Wakula.

Fitness Over 40: Age Has No Limits guests are featured with host Ann Marie Wakula

Fitness Over 40: Frontline Health Worker Shares Benefits of Yoga

Yoga helps Daria Pernik-Mertz balance her demanding profession. The labor and delivery nurse shares her yoga routine with Fitness Over 40 host Ann Marie Wakula.

Daria Pernik-Mertz balances on her yoga mat in an outdoor park.

Fitness Over 40: Get an Early Start on Your Resolutions

Are you starting to think about your fitness resolutions for the New Year? Here are some strategies for getting an early start on your goals.

Ann Marie Wakula demonstrates a workout in a park.

Fitness Over 40: Struggling to Lose Weight in the Midst of a Pandemic?

Gaining weight during the COVID-19 pandemic is not uncommon. If you’re battling the “COVID 15,” Fitness Over 40 offers tips for safe and healthy weight loss.

Certified personal trainer and mother of three Ann Marie Wakula introduces epsiode two of Fitness Over 40.

‘Fitness Over 40’ Series Offers Tips for Staying Active at Home

Certified trainer and mother of three Ann Marie Wakula shows you ways to stay active even when you can’t go to the gym.

Beautiful African-American Woman Exercising Pilates, Yoga, Fitness at Home Looking at the Laptop.

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