Family Health

Family Health

Ideas for a Healthy and Happy Mother’s Day

It’s time to get those Mother’s Day plans in order. Here are some food and activity-based ideas that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

A family of three jokes and has fun while baking in the kitchen.
Family Health

Immunization 101: The Vaccines Your Child Needs to Stay Healthy

Vaccines prevent more than 2.5 million deaths each year and protect not only those receiving the vaccine, but also everyone around them, particularly those with weakened immune systems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Family Health

Understanding Autism in Children

Autism affects the way a person communicates and interacts with others. It does not affect all people equally, rather there are varying degrees of severity.

World Autism Awareness day concept with puzzle or jigsaw pattern on heart with autistic child's hands supported by nursing family caregiver
Family Health

Winterize Your Home for a Healthy Season Indoors

As you cozy up at home during the long winter months, take these simple precautions to keep the flu bug and other illnesses at bay.

Family Health

How to Help Your Child Make Healthy Eating Choices at School

How can you help kids make healthy choices when they buy lunch? It’s important to educate children on nutrition and how to make healthy decisions on their own.

Family Health

Activities for Holiday Fun with Your Kids

Children make the holidays brighter. Make sure you set aside some special activities just for them, like the five ideas listed here.

Cute 5 years old girl making cookies for Christmas with her mom.
Family Health

The Benefits of Starting Your Child’s Yoga Practice

While it’s often thought of as an adult wellness activity, kids can realize the same health benefits by discovering their inner “yogi.” Why not start them early?

Family Health

A Better Barbecue: 10 Tips to Grilling Healthier Meals

If you’d like to fire up the grill this spring and enjoy some hearty barbecue dishes without compromising your diet, we’ve got you covered.

Portrait of multigeneration family outdoors on garden barbecue, grilling and talking.
Family Health

How to Spot Common Food Allergies in Children

Offices, classrooms and even restaurants often have signs that warn of food allergies. Here’s how parents can stay ahead of them.

A mother applies a tissue to a child's runny nose outdoors.
Family Health

Fun Family Activities Perfect for Spring 

Warm weather is a great time to get outside with your kids. Give these age-group specific activities a try this spring!

Little girl Having fun with the soap bubbles outdoors
Family Health

Mindfulness-Based Techniques to Calm Kids’ Anxiety 

About 7% of U.S. children between age 3 and 17 have diagnosed anxiety. Rates are rising, but mindfulness-based coping techniques can help.

Woman meditating with her daughter
Family Health

Benefits of Family Meals

People are cooking more and eating in. Research shows there are many benefits associated with eating together as a family.

Family having dinner together
Family Health

Simple Tips for Getting Your Kids Reading Ready for School 

If you feel like your kids were in the “summer slump” when it came to reading, here are tips to get them on track this school year.

Father in wheelchair reading story to daughter
Family Health

Pregnancy Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore 

Women can experience physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, but some warning signs should not be ignored.

Young pregnant woman suffering from backache
Family Health

Squeeze the Last Bit of Summer Fun with These 5 Weekend Trips 

Feel like the opportunity for summer adventure is passing you by? Here’s how to squeeze the last bit of fun out of the season.

A sailboat rounds the breakwater near sunset on the longest day of the year by the Lighthouses at St. Joseph, Michigan with people fishing from and walking on the pier.
Family Health

How Cold is too Cold for your Pet? 

Your pet’s size, weight and ability to store body fat should be considered, along with temperature, when taking your fur baby out into the winter cold.

How Cold is too Cold for your Pet?
Family Health

Six Tips to Manage your Child’s Epilepsy

An open line of communication and plenty of encouragement are two of the many ways your family can help manage a child’s epilepsy condition.

Six Tips to Manage your Child’s Epilepsy
Family Health

Should I Contribute to a FSA or an HSA to Supplement My Health Insurance?

FSAs and HSAs can help you pay for medical expenses, but each has its own benefits. Learn more here.

Using laptop and bluetooth earbuds, woman video conferences from home
Family Health

Breastfeeding Benefits Beyond Just Keeping Baby Fed 

From bonding to healthier teens, there are lots of breastfeeding benefits beyond just keeping a baby fed.

Asian mother is breastfeeding Cute little Asian 14 months / 1 year old toddler baby boy child in bed
Family Health

Fun, Delicious Tips for a Healthy Summer Picnic 

Michiganders know how to savor the summer months. Here’s how to improve your outdoor meals by planning healthy summer picnics.

Hispanic American parents in late 30s enjoying picnic lunch and family time with their young children at Miami public park.
Family Health

Ways to Help Your Kids Transition Back to School for In-Person Learning

After virtual classes, video lessons and hybrid learning, here’s how to help kids transition to in-person learning.

A Black mother and son sit at a desk doing schoolwork and smiling.
Family Health

Keep Ticks Away: New Apps to Keep Those Tiny Bugs at Bay 

Hikers, campers and people working in their yards are reporting a tick explosion this summer. New apps can help keep these tiny bugs at bay.

Close-up view of tick on human finger against dog lying in grass.
Family Health

Great Lakes Beach Safety: What to Know Before You Go 

Michigan’s biggest lakes are fun, beautiful – and dangerous. Here’s what to know about Great Lakes beach safety before you enter the water.

Grand Haven Pier Life Preserver
Family Health

Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make for Their Dads 

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Here are some creative gifts kids can make for their dads.

Portrait of latin father looking happy while his two little boys embracing their dad, giving him handmade postcard, greeting with Father's day, spending time together at home. Fatherhood, children
Family Health

Four Ways to Make Your House Safer for Children and Pets

Small hands and paws can get into a lot of things that aren’t good for them. Here’s how to make your home a safer place for kids and pets.

Cute mixed - race siblings having fun, playing at home with dog
Family Health

Building Children’s Self-Esteem to Last a Lifetime

How to develop a healthy self-worth and self-esteem in children that will lead to better mental health as an adult.

Shot of a father dancing with his little daughter at home
Family Health

Healthy Valentine’s Treats for Kids

Enjoy sweets in moderation this Valentine's Day and help your kids do the same by offering these fun lunch and dessert options.

Bento box lunch
Family Health

Why Protecting Your ‘Melon’ Is Important When Sledding, Skiing

Each year, thousands of kids are taken to the ER with winter sports-related injuries. Wearing a helmet could help prevent many of those.

Young boy covered in snow with skis
Family Health

Set Family Goals for 2021 

Does your family set goals you can work on together? Make 2021 the year you explore more, get healthier together and have new experiences!

Mom helping daughter water a plant
Family Health

How to Check Your Gifts for Potential Dangers to Babies or Toddlers

Sometimes, holiday presents can unintentionally lead to dangerous situations and choking hazards for very young children. Here’s how to avoid this situation.

Desired present. Amazed little afro girl opening Christmas gift near xmas tree, free space

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