Olivia Wash

Olivia is a writer who enjoys discussing anything related to health, beauty and fitness. As a lover of fashion, she not only makes sure she's looking good on the outside, but also makes sure she's feeling her best on the inside. She believes life is all about learning and is constantly searching for new ways to improve her overall wellness.

What Exactly is ‘Alcohol Flush Syndrome’?

A look at what happens in the human body when a person with the “flush” drinks alcohol (it’s more than just a red complexion). Read more to find out the cause and other symptoms.

shot glass

Eastern Michigan University: How to Stay Healthy on Campus

Here are some healthy things to do in and around Eastern Michigan University – everything from a park to a farmers market and more.

EMU water tower

5 After-Care Tips for Ear Piercings

Follow these steps to avoid an infected ear piercing.

Cartilage piercing

Zumba: Not Just a Dance Class

New variations on the popular Zumba workout craze mean there’s a class right for everyone.

Woman working out in a Zumba class.

Finding the Right Workout for Your Fitness Goals

Trying to become stronger, leaner or just healthier overall? There’s a workout just right for you.

Two dumbbells

What to Expect If You Decide to Get Allergy Shots

Allergy shots are a common procedure but how do they work and what’s the process for the injections? This blog will fill you in on the basics.

Man sneezing

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation: How Advocacy Brightened One Woman’s Journey

A spotlight on one woman’s inspiring story of living with Crohn’s disease and how a foundation is doing its part to help her and others affected.

Two women smiling together

Lower Your Risk of Skin Cancer with These Everyday Foods

Check out these foods to take precautionary measures when protecting your skin.

basket of vegetables

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