Eastern Michigan University: How to Stay Healthy on Campus

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Attending Eastern Michigan University? There are so many healthy and fun activities and resources to discover in Ypsilanti and the surrounding area.
Being a college student doesn’t simply mean going to classes. It’s a balance between courses, work, extracurricular activities and a social life. To maintain your mental and physical health, take advantage of EMU’s many on- and off-campus resources to maintain your overall well-being.
  • Ypsilanti Food Co-op – Food cooperatives are a great and, in this case, eco-friendly alternative to dining on campus. The Ypsilanti Food Co-op cares about the health of their customers and their carbon footprint. Among their sustainable initiatives are 60 solar panels, high-efficiency appliances, and xeriscaping. Their products include fresh produce, a deli and bakery with fresh bread and sweets
  • Ypsilanti Farmers Market – Managed by Growing Hope, this farmers market is a vital part of the community. Local vendors make their way to this market with handcrafted items, as well as farm-fresh produce, homemade dishes and featured businesses. The market makes itself accessible to everyone by having locations in downtown Ypsilanti, Depot Town, and an indoor facility for the winter months.
  • Rec/IM – Did you know that EMU has group fitness classes at their recreational facility? In addition to their gym amenities (weight room, cardio room, track, etc.), they have group classes available on campus. Everything from Zumba and cardio to abs and glutes. All it takes is a simple registration with your ID to be able to attend any of the classes for free.
  • Intramural Sports – If you’re looking to join a sports team without the commitment of the club/varsity level, EMU’s intramural teams are the answer for you. They offer men’s, women’s and co-ed recreational sports programs that students can join. Basketball, flag football, and soccer are just some of the many sports that are available.
  • Riverside Park – If you’re tired of being indoors or stuck in class all day, this park provides the perfect outdoor escape. With trails, fishing and great picnic areas, there is something for everyone. Annual events are hosted throughout the year including music festivals and a great view of the Huron River.
  • Depot Town – As a part of the historic district of Ypsilanti, this area of the community showcases another side of the city. For those interested in learning about the city’s past, check out one of their three museums.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) – This university resource is available to students for counseling, crisis intervention, emergency and education services. Students can receive free counseling throughout the year. Counseling is not limited to one area as individuals are paired with someone based on what they need to discuss. Everything is completely confidential and gives students an outlet to talk about what is going on in their lives.
  • Office of Wellness and Community Responsibility – Located on campus in the student center, this office works on consulting the EMU community on wellness. Whether through a monthly newsletter, Wellness Woof,events or informational fairs, this office works to ensure students are equipped with the right tools to maintain their overall wellness.
  • University Health Services (Snow Health Center) – At this health center, students can receive a variety of services including vaccines (with student insurance), women’s health services, pharmacy, testing and physicals. They also offer educational services to inform students on health-related topics.
  • Travel Health Clinic – When planning to go out of the country, it’s important to know of any health risks that may be associated with your destination. The travel health clinic will help assess any medicines, vaccines or information a traveler will need.
Use our checklist to make sure you’re ready for the new semester.
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