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I want to be a role model to my daughter, showing her what it means to be healthy, both mentally and physically.
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Protecting your toddler from the potential dangers of their new treasure

Toddlers may be tiny, but their little hands are surprisingly quick—especially when they discover something new. Something else that’s quick: The speed a…


How do you get the most out of your relationship with a Primary Care Physician?

Even to those of us in the health insurance industry, keeping track of every acronym used can be confusing. And we can sometimes forget that when we start using…


Pancreatic cancer robbed me of my best friend

Almost four and a half years ago, pancreatic cancer robbed me of my best friend. My Grandfather wasn’t the only family member I have who has battled some form of cancer, nor was it his first fight. But he is the only one who lost.

Ema and Gumpy Syrup Festival

MI Big Green Gym: P.J. Hoffmaster State Park

Playing in the sand just grew up! come explore the dunes at Hoffmaster State Park.

Hoffmaster sand dunes

#MITrailsWeek: Paul Henry-Thornapple Trail

The western terminus of this trail is in Grand Rapids, a city most of us are pretty familiar with. The eastern terminus is 42 miles away, in the sleepy town of…


Smart ER: How Long do You Feel Safe to Wait Before Seeing a Physician?

You probably expect a health insurance company to say people need to be selective about when they go to their local hospital's emergency room because it is…

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A new dad’s guide to staying awake at conferences

Conferences can be viewed in two ways, either they are a great excuse to party for a few days or they are excellent ways to learn and network within your…


MI Big Green Gym: Bandemer Park

Bandemer Park is a great place to get out and enjoy Ann Arbors natural features.


The pursuit of healthiness: A chat with MLive

By the end of January, most people have abandoned their well-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe your goals were too lofty or maybe life just got in the…


‘From victim to victor’: a fitness quest sparked by reading this blog

I enjoy hearing stories about your weight-loss success. A few of us at A Healthier Michigan have either personally struggled with or have a loved one who has…

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Nutritionally speaking, sweet potatoes are pretty super

In the world of superfoods, the humble sweet potato is pretty super. It is packed with so many nutrients that some publications have declared this tuber one of…


Movember co-founder Adam Garone talks about the power of the moustache

If you want an excellent example of an effective, well-executed, energetic word-of-mouth campaign, look no further than Movember. What started in 2003 as a way…


Hey fellas! Don’t ignore these possible cancer symptoms if you want to stay invincible

During the month of Movember, the focus on prostate and testicular cancer is well placed. One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer…

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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a … superfood?

When you read the word superfood, what image pops into your mind? A sweet potato with a cape? Expensive and exotic fruits that are seemingly impossible to find?

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Some facts on flax

Breakfast in my house is usually not a complicated meal. A cup of Greek yogurt and a handful of berries with a little ground flaxseed sprinkled on top usually…


2 recommended books to turn your e-reader into a personal health and wellness coach

I have always loved reading. As a kid, I would sneak a flashlight into my room and read under the covers for hours. Two surefire punishments my parents would…


#WinbyLosing: What is the best time of day for cardio?

The Win by Losing competition continues on and with that, your questions about health and fitness continue to come in. While we cannot answer your personal…

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#WinbyLosing: How menopause effects weight loss

As the Win by Losing competition approaches the mid-way point, your questions about health and fitness are starting to come in. While we cannot answer your…

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In search of good health on a budget? Shopping matters

Chef Jake Williams is a mythbuster of sorts. He spends much of his time as the Cooking Matters Coordinator for Gleaners Community Food Bank working with people…

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on their Walk to School from a Detroit Police Officer

Allowing kids to walk to school on their own can be worrisome. Here are some helpful tips on how to have a safe walk.

Two brothers with backpacks walking across the street
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Could caffeine be part of a healthy lifestyle?

Caffeine tends to have a bad rap but recent studies show that it may actually be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Tea bag
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How to pick perfectly ripened produce

Few things are as tasty as a fresh Michgan peach, picked just as it is ripening. Your first bite is so juicy that you find yourself leaning over the kitchen…

Food and Recipes

#AHMRecipes: Brownies with Spinach and Carrots recipe

Everyone who works on this blog loves sweets in some fashion. And satisfying that sweet-tooth is perfectly healthy on occasion. Our preference, however…

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The wisdom of Smokey Bear and other tips to enjoy your next camping trip

In some ways, Michigan was made for camping. For the novice camper, there are plenty of campgrounds just outside of our bigger cities so you can still enjoy the…

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Cooking Matters in Detroit too

In Detroit, the term food desert is one that sparks a lot of controversy. On one hand, you have merchants that have been in the city for years crying foul and…


#WellnessWeds: How much sweat is too much sweat?

Sweating is one of those necessary evils in life. For most people, sweating is an efficient way for the body to keep cool during a workout…


Enjoying Michigan by canoe, kayak or raft

During my first and only year in Boy Scouts, my troop decided to participate in a rafting competition on the Grand River near Lansing. The Chief Okemos Council…

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How enjoying your morning coffee may protect your heart

Coffee has many health benefits including reduced risk for heart failure. Read on to find out why…

Coffee on wooden table

Staying healthy during the extreme heat

Summer has just begun and Mother Nature giving us an early taste of how high temperatures in Michigan can climb, with many parts of southern lower Michigan…

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3 ice cream recipes to keep you cool this summer

Keep yourself cool and your taste buds happy with these yummy ice cream recipes.

ice cream

Five truths the world should know about Michigan

A few weeks ago, WDET-FM asked listeners what five objectives truths the world should know about Detroit. Then came a listing of facts about metropolitan…


A Survival Guide for Michigan’s Festival Season

It’s festival season in Michigan. Go prepared, stay hydrated and most importantly, have fun! Here are our top tips to have a healthy time at your fave festival.

Ferris wheel

What to do in Michigan: Gearing up for Memorial Day weekend bicycling fun

First in a new series promoting fun and healthy things to do across Michigan. Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to summer in Michigan. The last snowfall of…

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Looking For a Healthier BBQ Side Dish to Pass? Try These 3 Recipes

We are approaching peak grilling season here in Michigan. With Memorial Day approaching, you'll most likely be going to a cookout soon and taking a dish to pass.

Food and Recipes

Boost Your Quality of Life and Start Growing a Garden This Spring, Even If You Live in an Urban Neighborhood!

The phrase "less is more" is certainly true with fruit and vegetables. The less food has to travel to get on your plate, the more nutritious it is for you.

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BBQ Tips: Try These 2 Recipes That Take Grilled Burgers for an Unexpected, Healthy Twist

Normal grilled burgers are great, but these two burger recipes are even better!

Grilled burger sliders
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#WellnessWeds: 4 Easy Ways to Keep Grilling Season Healthy and Fun

Summer is grilling season. Here are some ways to keep grilling healthy and fun all summer long.

Grilling meat

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